Become a Mystery Visitor with Serve Legal - Broke in London

Become a Mystery Visitor with Serve Legal

Go to pubs, order a drink and get paid!

Are you between 18 and 19 year-old? Do you need a casual job? Then you have what it takes to work for Serve Legal! Serve Legal is looking for young people to work on a part-time basis as mystery visitors.

How does Serve Legal works

The company provides a test purchase service for their customers-retailers of age restricted products across London and the UK to check if their staff are checking young people for ID as requered by law. They basically check the retailer’s performance against age-related legislation.

As a mystery visitor you’ll need to buy age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco from pubs, bars, supermarkets and betting shops and you’ll get paid to see if they’ll ask to show your ID! It’s that simple.  You’ll get paid £6.75- £10 per visit, they’ll even pay for your travel costs!

What are the requirements to work for serve legal

You don’t need to be native speaker but you’ll need to be able to use good Standard English. This is a perfect student job that you can have in London and also have some fun.

You can apply directly through Serve Legal’s website.

Serve Legal

Serve Legal

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