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5 Simple Ways to Work Faster

Clever ways to work faster without losing quality!

Today’s demanding and competitive business world requires people to work faster than ever before. However, as an employee working for a company that pushes fast results, the stress can send that little man that works inside our brains to throw his papers in the air and run screaming.  This results in a poor quality of work (and sometimes therapy).

Try the following handy techniques:

#1 Time Management – Use a timer!

Ways to work faster - sand timerNow is a good time to start using those time management skills you raved about on your CV. As Parkinson’s Law states “Work expands to fill time allotted for it.” This is a simple philosophy, if you do not allot an end time to a task, you will have no target to work towards and subsequently take more time to complete it. Whereas, if you set an amount of time to complete a task, you will work quicker as you will race the clock to achieve your target.

#2 Stay away from Social Media

I know, checking Facebook while trying to work can be addictive. It can be so addictive that normally you spend more time checking updates than working right? Here is a solution. Close every single tab that has nothing to do with work such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit or even your personal gmail. Try not to think about it and just spend a minute or 2 to check what’s going on at your favourite social media once every 1 or even better 2 hours. This can be difficult in the beginning but it will help you being focused and more efficient at work.

#3 Keep telling yourself your day ends earlier

Ways to work faster - 12 o clock Did you know that the average employee has done almost nothing of consequence by 11am?. Rather than having an unproductive morning, try telling yourself whilst you’re on your way to work that you finish at 11am.

#4 Try working at home for an hour every day

Sometimes the worst place to get work done is at your workplace. Working in an open plan office can be akin to trying to conduct a symphony in a rave. Therefore, a good idea is to spend 60 solid minutes working quietly at home every day.

#5 Complete unimportant tasks in 10 minutes

A great way to get those seemingly insignificant small tasks out of the way is to set yourself a time limit of 10 minutes to complete them.

Using these techniques we can handle our work-lives and produce good quality results in a very short amount of time.

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