The Singing Seesaws are Coming to Leicester Square - Broke in London

The Singing Seesaws are Coming to Leicester Square

Get up, then get down on the singing seesaws this October

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

There’s nothing less interesting than having to grow up, so this October, why not unleash your inner-kid and visit London’s newest and shiniest playground. The seesaws have been brought to London as part of the Pause and Play Festival. They are interactive and acoustic, responding to movement by making sounds and lighting up.

There will be 15 seesaws in total, they are completely free and anyone who fancies a go is encouraged to use them to their heart’s content. Pause and Play festival is a programme of artistic installations that are often interactive, but most importantly, never before seen in London. Spokesperson for the project has said: “We seek artists with works that are surprising, diverse, engaging, fresh and fun. It reflects the tone of Leicester Square and it’s 1.5million weekly visitors. Impulse delivers exactly that”.

Singing See Saws

Singing See Saws ©

The best thing is that the installment will be ever changing. When not in use, the seesaws come to rest in a completely horizontal position whilst the light goes down to a lower glow. This means that the art installation should never play the same arrangement of sounds and light twice, as it relies on the user’s movement to activate it’s light and music.

What?: The singing seesaws.
When? 5th-27th October 2016
Where?: Leicester Square.
Cost: Free