London's Free Open Air Theatre - Final Week - Broke in London

London’s Free Open Air Theatre – Final Week

London’s Free Open Air Theatre Season at The Scoop at More London

Hey theatre fans, we’ve got some bad news for you… Unfortunately, the free theatre season in The Scoop is coming to an end. This week, is your last chance to enjoy free open air theatre, 2 shows each evening from tonight until Sunday. As always, food and drink are available from the London Riviera pre and post shows, and you’re welcome to take them in to The Scoop with you to enjoy. Find the programme below:

London's Free Open Air Theatre - Final Week

Pic by Visit London

6pm: The Wawel Dragon

For family audiences, Gods & Monsters bring to life Krakow’s famous Dragon of Wawel, one of Poland’s most enduring, much loved and iconic myths.  Using music, puppetry and vibrant storytelling, this is the tale of the ingenious, witty and daring folk who dared to defeat the dragon that lurks beneath Wawel Castle.

8pm: Crime and Punishment, A Rock Musical

Published in 1866 Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment is one of the most famous and influential novels in world literature.  When an idealistic kills a ruthless money lender, who terrorises the poor of St. Petersburg, the novel challenges us to ask if murder is ever justified.  Rock music works as the perfect medium to express the energy, rebellion and passion of the story.  This new musical production features origional songs and favourite tracks by British rock legend, Toya Willcox.

What?: Free Open Air Theater
When? Until Sunday 25 September 2016
Where?: The Scoop at More London
Cost: Free