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How to Nail Your Skype Interview with These Top Tips (Infographic)

Make landing your dream job easy

By Charlotte Corner

Job interviews can be a stressful situation for even the most seasoned worker. You have a limited amount of time to put across not only your qualifications and work experience but also your personality – and the name of the game is making a good impression. Thanks to the ease of online video calls, Skype has become a popular medium for interviewing candidates. It eliminates all travel time for the candidate, and (with additional software) allows their interview to be recorded unobtrusively. However, many people can find a Skype interview a jarring experience.

After all, being able to see your interviewer on a screen is no substitute for being in the same room as them and being able to read their full body language. Computer microphones can leave some questions muffled and unclear, and you have to find a location (most often in your home) where you can guarantee minimal background noise. The last thing you want when trying to land your dream job is distracting music from a room-mate or the noise of children playing outside.

The infographic below identifies the six areas you need to be aware of when preparing for an interview over Skype:

Timing – Making sure you’re online and on time, and that you’re clear when your interview is happening.

Profile – Allowing your potential new employer to find you easily, and ensuring your profile is set to put the best version of you forward.

Technical Aspects – Securing your network connection and testing out your webcam and microphone.

Professional Appearance – Staying formal and speaking clearly while your interview is taking place.

Environment – Clearing your computer of any distracting programs or alerts, as well as eliminating the chance of any annoying interruptions from anyone else you live with.

Notes – Preparing all documents you need, including noting down any details you want to bring up to really impress your interviews.

How to Nail Your Skype Interview with These Top Tips (Infographic)

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be starting your brand new job in no time. An online interview can be unusual if you haven’t had one before, so be sure to practice with a friend or family member first. They might just pick up on something that will help make sure you nail your Skype interview.