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Space-saving Ideas

How to Maximise Space in a London Apartment

It is no secret that London apartments can be quite inviting and convenient. However, their location is also associated with rather cramped living conditions. Do you find that you never seem to have enough room for even the most basic of tasks? If so, you will be happy to know that there are a number of great space-saving ideas that do not require major renovations and yet will nonetheless provide you with ample comfort. So, let’s look at a few of the top tips.

#1 Use Height

One of the best ways to easily free up space is to employ shelves that are tall as opposed to wide. This is especially effective if your apartment has high ceilings. Taller bookshelves, entertainment centres and cabinets will allow you to store more items on the same “footprint” within your apartment.

Space-saving ideas

Shelving units – Bookselves

#2 Movable Furniture

Another great idea to help improve your sense of space is to use rolling furniture that can be easily moved about. For example, a kitchen cart can be used as a portable dining table and then placed aside when not in use. Furniture with wheels or non-stick pads (for wooden floors) can likewise be easily relocated to accommodate for guests.

Space-saving ideas - Moveable Table

Movable Table

#3 Folding Items

When contemplating new furniture, it is best to search for items that can fold up or are modular. A common example of this is a kitchen table that is able to be folded and tucked to the side in between meals. Modularity is another benefit to consider. For instance, a coffee table that can be shortened or lengthened with the addition of a central insert will save space and if friends come over, the table will still be able to accommodate their needs.

Space-saving ideas

Kitchen ideas – Foldable Chair

#4 Extra Storage Opportunities

Even the smallest of apartments will offer more storage space than you may think. You can raise your bed and place numerous items underneath. Couches and chairs with ample lower clearance will accomplish the same task. Another interesting trick is to place a cloth over a coffee table and employ the hidden space underneath to store smaller items.

Space-saving ideas

Bedroom ideas – High bed

#5 Choose a Wall-Mounted Television

It is a good idea to take advantage of the dimensions of the modern flat-screen television. As opposed to placing it upon a standalone entertainment centre, mounting it to a wall or even hanging it from the ceiling are both excellent alternatives.

space-saving ideas

Wall-Mounted Television

#6 Shelving

You also have the ability to store numerous objects on shelves that can be easily installed. Bathrooms and larger wardrobes are perfect for this and you will be amazed at how the addition of only a few shelves will free up even more space.

Space-saving ideas

Storage ideas – Wardrobe shelves

These are a few of the best do-it-yourself tips if you find that you are living in a cramped space. Of course, it is best to use a few of these suggestions in conjunction to achieve the best results. You will soon find that you have much more space than you had ever thought possible!

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