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The Best Glasses for College Students

Guest post by Kate Germano

Many college students require glasses, whether for sun safety purposes or reading and writing papers throughout the week. Several factors make some lenses more suitable for college life than others. Because college students are busy and on the go, there are certain glasses that students should consider that are more suitable for their lifestyle.

Glasses that provide light-blocking and anti-scratch lenses are the top two choices for eye protection. However, most college students also want to look stylish. Luckily, there are many styles to choose from that still offer protection.

Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses

Blue-light-blocking lenses are very helpful for college students. If you ask a college student how much time they spend on their computer or phone, the answer will be close to every minute, except while sleeping. Unfortunately, most screens emit blue light, resulting in sleep disruption, increased eye strain, painful headaches, and dry or watery eyes.

Luckily for students, lenses often come equipped with blue-light-blocking coatings to eliminate blue glare from digital screens. The lenses help protect eyes from glare while reducing retina damage from prolonged blue light exposure. Blue-light-blocking lenses are the easiest way for college students to protect their eyes while using computers and phone screens all day.

Anti-Scratch Lenses

For most students, their college years are full of fun, taking part in different activities almost every day. Whether this enjoyment includes socialising or competing in one’s favourite sport, glasses can take a heavy hit, sometimes ending up broken or scratched.

For this reason, students should opt for anti-scratch lenses. A specialised hard coating is applied to durable plastic lenses to reduce wear and tear. Most plastic lenses on the market today are manufactured with a scratch-resistant surface, especially for glasses made from thinner materials like high-index and polycarbonate. By opting for anti-scratch lenses, students are less prone to damaging their glasses during their chaotic time at college, as the glasses are more durable and stay in better condition.

Professional Styles

As college students work toward their dream careers, there are likely a lot of job applications and interviews during this time. Everyone has heard the classic phrase “dress for the job you want.” This phrase applies to eyewear as well, as they’re a focal point in one’s overall appearance. Shopping for eyeglasses online is the easiest way for students to find the latest styles at the best price.

To help students instill trust and confidence in a professional setting, they need to choose glasses that are a more conservative shape and color combination. Classic shapes, such as rectangle, oval, or almond-shaped frames, in more neutral colors, like gold, black, grey and brown, tend to add flavor and professionalism to any ensemble while remaining school-friendly. Clear frames are a good option for students seeking a modern look.


If students want a more stylish look while on the college campus, vintage and retro styles are timeless and iconic. In order to capture that cool, classic look, students should opt for a Ray-Ban wayfarer frame or a 50s cat-eye.

The iconic cat-eye shape is synonymous with retro and vintage because it originated back in the 1940s with American heiress Altina Schinasi. It all began when Altina noticed that there weren’t any stylish glasses options for women, so she made some.

The overall profile of the frame is what makes these kinds of glasses retro. Other retro frames, like rounded and metallic, with styles, such as the tortoise and classic black, are also unique vintage glasses that are perfect for college students on the move.

Glasses For All Demographics

Whether you’re a college student or a professional business owner, there are glasses and frames out there for everyone. College students work hard and play hard, and they need proper frames to match. It’s not hard to find glasses to match a college student, but remember to look for a pair that offers blue-light-blocking and anti-scratch lenses for ultimate protection.