The House of Hounds Dog Cafe - Broke in London

The House of Hounds Dog Cafe

London’s first dog cafe

Do you remember Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the first ever cat cafe in London? I really loved the idea, but to be honest, my first reaction was: ‘cat cafe? and what about the dogs yo??’ (as a man, when it comes about cats and dogs I am more like a DOG dude).

So, the good news is that an awesome dog cafe is coming to Shoreditch! The House of Hounds dog cafe and grooming parlour will open this coming Spring, so I suppose that East London’s dog owners (like me) will get a second home. The cafe will probably be a bit noisy compering to the cat cafe but if you love your four-legged pal you know that some more decibels will not kill you.

You can find the House of Hounds on Twitter and Facebook for further updates and dog news.

The House of Hounds Dog Cafe in London

Pic taken by The House of Hounds’ Facebook page

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