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The Travelling Lens-Wearer: 6 Safety Tips

How to use contact lenses safely when travelling

Guest post by Alexandra

Everyone loves to travel. Not only does travelling lower your stress levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, it also increases your productivity and general well-being. Plus, it could give you endless stories to tell at parties – who doesn’t love crazy travel stories!

However, it isn’t the easiest thing to do for contact lens wearers. Compared to glasses, contact lenses do give the wearer a lot of freedom of movement to savour every part of their travel experience. But contact lenses are medical devices that should be used carefully, as even the smallest thing could lead to big, unnecessary problems. But fear not, we’ve put together the key safety tips you need to follow as a travelling lens wearer.

Tip 1: Preparing is caring

If you’re off on a long trip, particularly if that includes a long-haul flight, it’s easy to drift off and take a nap. You might not consider that to be sleeping per se as it doesn’t involve a bed, but your contacts don’t know that! Make sure you always remove your lenses before you get some shut eye, so keep your contact lens case and solution handy at all times.

Tip 2: Eye drops for days

Eye drops are a contact lens wearer’s best friend, as they help keep your eyes moist and healthy. If you’re heading to a hot, dry destination, you might find that eye drops are an absolute must-have, as dry climates could make your lenses feel uncomfortable. High pressured environments, such as a plane cabin, could also bring discomfort, so keeping a small vial handy is always a good idea (and adheres to flight liquid regulation standards).

Tip 3: Switch to daily contact lenses

Daily disposable lenses are the way to go when on holiday. Instead of managing monthly or weekly lenses while you’re away (and all the bottles that entails), you can simply dispose of each lens at the end of the day. It also enables to switch to glasses, if any external factors affect your comfort, since you can’t consult your optician.

Tip 4: Travel pack? Yes please!

Travel packs are a super easy way of keeping everything you need at hand, neatly put away in your luggage. As airplane regulations forbid you from taking large bottles of liquid on a flight, travel packs use smaller bottles, kept together in a case that is completely compliant with airport security. There are great travel pack options available at trusted retailers, suitable for almost any kind of lens.

Tip 5: Prescriptions come first

At least a few weeks before you switch your business suit for your bathing suit, make sure you visit an optician in order to get an up-to-date eye test. Especially if you’re going on a long trip, or somewhere exciting abroad, an eye test is an absolute must. In order to avoid any worst case scenarios, put a copy of your prescription in your travel case that you can reach for in case of an emergency.

Tip 6: Only buy contacts from reputable retailers

Picture the scene: you’re strolling down a pebble-paved market holding a delicious ice cream cone and a bright-coloured sign that reads ‘lenses for £2!’ catches your eye. Simply put: do not fall for it. They can cause you endless issues with your vision that could leave a permanent impact on its quality. Never purchase contacts unless they’ve been specifically prescribed to you.


Author’s bio:

Alexandra is a lifestyle writer based in London. Her work spans across personal wellbeing, food and travel, and her articles have been included in online and offline publications. She currently focuses on medical devices and eye care technology.