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Reduced to Clear

Same stuff, just eating it the same day!

Don’t be afraid to stick your elbows out and shove your way into the reduced to clear section at supermarkets and grab that bag of rocket reduced to 19p before anyone else does! Reduced to clear just means the stuff is close to it’s sell by date (but not expired of course). So, you can get some really top quality items at some really top quality reductions!

For example the normal selling price for a Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mozzarella & Sunblushed Tomato 12″ Pizza is £4.50 but it’s not unusual to see it reduced to £2.50 or even less on the Sell By Date. So, if it hasn’t expired, looks good, smells good and is ridiculously cheap why dump it?

Reduced to Clear -

Reduced to Clear Section

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