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Tips for Students Staying In London Through Student Exchange Programs

Guest post by Deepshikha Katuri

London is one of the world’s busiest cities, with people rushing to board buses and trains while navigating congested streets. An exchange program in such a big city can be scary, but you shouldn’t feel that way! We’re here to give you tips to make your short stay in the city and make you fall in love with one of the most royal cities in the world.

When you are an exchange student, you will live with a host accommodation while studying abroad for a term, semester, or academic year letting you fully indulge yourself in the British lifestyle in a program that fits your exchange schedule.

Many students and working professionals consider London to be their ideal city. Individuals from numerous origins and walks of life can be found residing in London due to the opportunities the city offers. London ranks as the fifteenth most expensive city in the world, home to top colleges, Multinational companies, and startups.

Here are some tips for living in London to live like a true Londoner and make the best out of your exchange program in the United Kingdom.

1. Budgeting all your expenses

Budgeting will help track your spending and manage your money so that you have an idea of how much you are spending. Every student needs to learn how to budget their expenses. Establish your budget for the trip and spending habits, and cut down on more expensive and nonessential outgoings. Calculate your daily expense and make habit changes like spending more time cooking at home rather than getting a takeout every day.

2. Accommodation planning

The city of London is humongous, and each borough is distinct. Although staying in central London, where the majority of institutions are, might be highly expensive, there are instances when staying close can save you time commuting for a long time every day.

There are many different accommodation alternatives in London, but if you’re a student, the first thing that might come to mind is student housing. You’re in luck because you have amber student housing options in the UK. Consider what is most important to you, then conduct research to find what you’re looking for in terms of space, proximity to facilities, and the area. You will then be given selections that are appropriate for your requirements and your accommodation budget.

3. Explore the free public sites

London is the homeland of many museums, parks, and trails to discover during your period of stay here. Most of these places are free of cost, and you can indulge yourself and explore London’s rich art and history. Most art galleries and museums in London do not require you to pay any entry fee and the ones that do have student discounts. You can also visit parks and have a little picnic with your friends on days when the weather cooperates. To save up on food and drinks, you should check out nightlife spots with happy hours before you hit downtown!

London art gallery

Photo by Baptiste – from Pexels

4.Take advantage of student discounts.

Students in London can avail of student discounts on various services like gyms, theatres, cafes, and museums. Make sure you always carry your student ID card with you and ask for student discounts anywhere you can. You can also find many websites that provide student discounts on online services, like Spotify, Apple Music, and Netflix.

5. Maximise your travel time

While in the UK, you are in a great place to visit other European countries as well as other cities and towns. In the UK, taking a coach or bus is easy and moderately priced, especially if you have access to a student railcard that can cut your fare.

Keep in mind that the UK is more prominent than just London; excursions into the natural areas of Scotland or Wales will let you explore different towns, cities, villages, and landscapes.

Europe has a vast range of cultures and customs to choose from if you want to go to other parts of the world. Travelling to intriguing new areas inside Europe is now accessible thanks to low-cost flights, from weekend trips where you can enjoy Italy’s culinary delights to cultural evenings spent exploring Prague or France.