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A Night Out In London Without Booze: Your Guide

Guest post by Adam Richman

London is well known for its pubs, and for many people visiting the capital, when the sun goes down it’s the first port of call. The Great British pub is what many rave about, particularly in the USA, but there is so much more to London than that, and they’re not entirely suited to everyone.

For those non-drinkers, or those that have been through alcohol rehab and are in recovery, you’re going to want to do the city a little bit differently come the evening. And we’ll tell you something, you won’t regret it.

There are so many exciting things to enjoy in London as a teetotaller and to help you make the most of an evening in London, we’ve highlighted the very best things to do without the need for touching a drop of alcohol or stepping a foot inside a pub…

Visit the Theatre

Of course, it’s difficult to not start in the West End. Outside of New York, London has the most thriving theatre scene and there are dozens of amazing shows on offer to enjoy every night from the likes of The Mousetrap to Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, with plenty in between too.

Go to a Comedy Club

Equally, if you want to sit down and immerse yourself in something, then you can have a laugh too at one of London’s many comedy clubs. Every night some of the biggest acts in the country take to the stage, with a number of clubs around London’s Leicester Square and in the Soho district.

Night Markets

Night markets are perfect for getting a real taste of London and places like Borough Market have existed for centuries. Today, they’re full of incredible places to eat with amazing street food and artisan goods. Forget alcohol, gorge on some tasty food instead!

A Night at the Museum

Many of London’s museums and art galleries will also host late-night museum events, usually around once a month, giving you the opportunity to see some exhibits in a completely different light. Just don’t expect them to come alive – it’s not Hollywood!

Take a Boat Trip

London’s a very pretty city as the sky goes dark and the lights come on. There are a few ways to really see just how pretty it is. There’s the London Eye or a trip to the top of the Shard, but if heights aren’t your thing, then climb aboard a boat and go for a trip down the Thames. You’ll go past many of London’s most popular tourist sights, from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Globe Theatre, all lit up beautifully.