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Tips to Enjoy Solo-traveling in Hong Kong

Everything you need to know

Guest post by Sarah Williams

Do you always dream or fantasise about what it’s like to travel around the world on your own? The jitters that we feel when taking this bold move is simply impossible to explain. Indeed, the reward for solo traveling is surely the best. Dare to be different this time around and try solo traveling!

There are numerous destinations suitable for solo travelers, and one of them is Hong Kong. If you plan ahead wisely, you can find affordable air tickets from London to Hong Kong or from anywhere else around the world. For example, if it happens to be on holiday in Chicago and you think that you have some more days to travel elsewhere, then you can easily book direct flights from Chicago to Hong Kong that are not that expensive. And, rest assured, you won’t regret it!

Hong Kong has plenty of amazing things to offer. Experience the fantastic rewards for your ambient-worthy efforts by indulging in phenomenal spas and amazing local bars, or why not savour the moment with the majestic art scenery in the region?

You don’t need to worry too much about what to do when the rain comes—but be prepared, as it might happen. Maybe you could use that time to take a nap, enjoy some dumplings, or try out a foot rub?

Whatever the weather, here’s our guide on how to make your solo travels to Hong Kong memorable.

#1 | Take a stroll via the park

If you ever have a lazy day in Hong Kong, don’t just lock yourself in your room. You can use this time to enjoy a refreshing stroll at the ever fresh and green Zoological and Botanical Gardens in the Centre of Hong Kong island. While at the parks, you can engage in light exercise at the fountain terrace. Many people also choose to meditate here, thanks to the serene surroundings.

You can also try a visit to the Chin Lin Nunnery as well as the Nan Lian Garden found in the Kowloon Diamond Hill area.

Get to learn a little history at the Chi Lin Nunnery, which is a Buddhist temple complex. It was built using cedar wood in the ancient Tang Dynasty architectural design. The adjacent Chinese garden enables us to appreciate the numerous bonsai trees in the area, as well as water features. Taking a stroll through this park will make you feel like you are stepping into ancient China.

#2 | Enjoy a hike

Hong Kong is one of the best destinations to enjoy an urban walk. There are numerous sites to try out, including the Lion’s Rock hiking trail. The rocky peak ascent is quite distinctive and enables you to keep fit while enjoying the neighbouring surroundings.

During this time, you could squeeze in a workout and take pictures of the magnificent views. There are various sights that you should pass; these include the Beacon Hill, the Eagle’s Nest Hill, and the Kowloon Reservoir which was built in 1906. 

#3 | Enjoy a spa treatment

What a great way to unwind and have some time to yourself than by visiting the spa? While in Hong Kong, you should absolutely make a point of visiting the spa resorts to enjoy the signature spa treatments. Enjoy a foot rub massage, a lymphatic massage or even a contouring detox experience, among others. It’s a great chance to loosen up and let your body get pampered, enabling you to become refreshed and energised once again.

#4 | Sample amazing local cuisines

Hong Kong is an amazing cultural centre that attracts many different people from all over Asia and the rest of the world. So, while in Hong Kong, why not use this time to interact with locals at the local street food markets?

Here, you get to meet vibrant retailers as well as visiting dining centres where you can sample several local cuisines. Get a chance to map out your meals so that you don’t miss out on the best culinary there is!

Try out a steaming bowl of noodle soup with brisket, candy-fried crabs, a farm-to-table Cantonese meal or a delicious cocktail, among others. You could even sample a few of the many different pastries while at it!

#5 | Explore Tai Hang

While in Hong Kong, don’t limit yourself to the city—you could instead take a tour of the charming surrounding neighbourhoods of Tai Hang. This is a great chance to explore the vintage stores, fabulous bars and restaurants, and artisanal coffee shops. Here, you can enjoy an aromatic coffee that will delightfully tingle your nostrils and tastebuds.

While in Tai Hang, take a chance to enjoy not only the day-life but also indulge in the beautiful nightlife of the city.

Solo traveling is a fantastic way to explore new regions in a unique manner. Don’t be afraid when planning your first solo trip to Hong Kong. However, it would be best if you mentioned to anyone and everyone that you trust about your whereabouts. Hong Kong is home to various ex-pats. Who knows, maybe you might find a friend of a friend on the same quest as you are—to have a good time!

As you book your flights, get your vacation groove on. Be ready to fight off the jet lag soon as you land. Don’t forget to carry the necessary travel documents to be on the safe side. Always double-check your luggage and check in to your hotel for a little rest before you head out. This preparation and planning will allow you to have the best vacation of your life without falling into the trap of spending time feeling nostalgic.