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Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Festivals, festivals, festivals

by Jen (follow Jen on Twitter: @JenBarnes207)
Summer, summer, summer, summer, summer! If you keep repeating it- it will come! June is full of free bubbles, rooftops, festivals and outdoor events so let’s hope the weather cooperates. As always, some of my fellow BrokeinLondoners have some more ideas for you in the Free Entertainment in London section.

#1 International Give a Bubble Day | 13th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: Focallocal Facebook

London has seen it all now. We not only have pillow fights, but we have International Give a Bubble events, too. Embrace your inner child as you blow 100,000s of bubbles with strangers in Hyde Park to create a magical bubble-filled world. Bubble guns are encouraged- as are beach related costumes.

When: 13th June, 1pm-330pm
Where: South Side Serpentine Bridge

#2 The United Nations International Yoga Day | 21st June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015


That’s right- FREE YOGA on the summer solstice! Starting from 6am there will be 80 free yoga and meditation classes for you to take part in (don’t worry- you don’t have to be there at 6am!). The day is free but register online beforehand! Bring your friends and salute the sun- your body will thank you.

When: 21st June, All Day from 6am.
Where: Alexandra Palace, London N22 7AY

#3 Bold Tendencies: Richard Wentworth | All Month

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015


Bold Tendencies is back for the summer with a new commission by Richard Wentworth titled ‘Agora’. The painted abstract design weaves across the roof in metallic paint, reflecting the weather above. As always, Franks will provide you with summer refreshments once you’ve explored the art and the Derek Jarman Garden is worth a wander.

When: All Month
Where:  Bold Tendencies, 95a Rye Lane (the roof), London SE15 4TG

#4 Greenwich and Docklands International Festival| From 26th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: GDIF

Every single event at the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival is 100% free. That’s 9 days of seriously spectacular theatre, dance and music right on your doorstep. Don’t miss 451 at Bethnal Green Gardens on the 27th and Dancing the City in Canary Wharf on the 29th. Full listings can be found online.

When: From 26th June
Where: Across Greenwich & Docklands- view website for event locations.

#5 World Naked Bike Ride in London | 13th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015


Well- it’s back! You can once again cycle through London naked with hundreds of strangers (or you can just line the streets to watch). The World Naked Bike Ride has 6 starting points in London, but everyone comes together at Westminster Bridge to cycle the remaining miles to Wellington Arch together. Take off your clothes and jump on your bike- you know you want to!

When: 13th June
Where: Westminster Bridge to Wellington Arch

#6 Serpentine Pavilion 2015 | 25th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: SerpentineGalleries

Every summer brings with it a new pavilion on the lawn of the Serpentine Gallery, and this year’s Serpentine Pavilion is a total psychedelic treasure designed by Spanish architecture studio SelgasCano. It will be there all summer, but you’ll definitely want to say that you saw it first!

When: From 25th June
Where: Serpentine Galleries, Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA

#7 Pride in London| 20th-28th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: Pride

Pride in London is a week-long series of events culminating in a fabulous parade that runs from Baker Street to Whitehall on the 27th June. The theme this year is Pride Heroes and throughout the week there are loads of events to enjoy. Check the website for full details, but I’m sure you’ll find the perfect way to be involved.

When: 20-28th June
Where: Across London

#8 BP Big Screens | 10th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: Facebook

Love opera? Don’t love opera? Never tried opera? Head to Trafalgar Square on the 10th of June to watch one of Puccini’s most famous works: La Boheme. It’s a story of love, lust, sickness and death- Boheme has it all! It’s a proper soap-opera. Bring blankets and pillows because it’s a long one!

When: 10th June, 730pm
Where: Trafalgar Square

#9 More London Free Festival | From 3rd June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015


More London Festival is now famous for free live music and fringe theatre along the riverside. There’s something for everyone in June: Pride & Prejudice, Live Sports and even a cycle surgery on the 24th if your bike needs a tune-up! This year there’s a pop-up restaurant as well so it makes a perfect night out.

When: From 3rd June
Where: The Scoop, More London Riverside between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, London, SE1 2DB

#10 City of London Festival | From 22nd June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2015

Image: Facebook

The City of London Festival is a great way to introduce yourself to some of the city’s most lovely bits of architecture as well as enjoy some free performances. Make sure you don’t miss out on a performance in St Pauls – if you’ve never been in before it’s the perfect excuse to go inside and check it out.

When: From 22nd June
Where: Across the City of London

You may also want to check out the Vauxhall One Summer Screen 2015.