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Top 13 London Hacks

Check out the tips below for the best London hacks and tips

By Helly Barrett (follow Helly on Twitter @helly_barret)

The Number 13.  Unlucky for some, but in this case, lucky for you as we’ve sourced the Top 13 Best London Hacks. Check out our tips on how to bag yourself free transport, drinks and style advice in London.

#1 Bus hack

Oyster Need to make one more journey home but have no cash –you can go up to £1.50 negative on your oyster card!

#2 Tube hack

Download the station master app for all the best shortcuts through London’s underground.

Image source: Station Master App

Image source: Station Master App

#3 Fashion hack

Feeling intimidated by London fashion – TopShop Oxford street offers a free personalised shopping experience with no spend necessary.

Pic source:

Pic source:

#4 Night Out Hack

Looking for a cheap night out? Get a group photo on Instagram and tag your venue of choice. Occasionally promoters will contact you and offer a free VIP table on quieter nights – especially (sorry boys) for a group of girls.

#5 Tube hack

In the underground stand where the yellow lines are most worn, this is where people get on and off the train so the perfect place to stand for the doors.

London hacks

stand where the yellow lines are most worn

#6 Free drinks hack

Competition between London bars is fierce. Download the Drinki app, check in on Facebook and receive a free cocktail. Publicity for the bar, free booze for you – what’s not to love?

Use the promo code BILDN on sign-up to receive a Drinki token (free drink on us)!

Top 13 London Hacks

Image source:

(Image source:

#7 Free Beer hack

Don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten about you! Download the Match Pint App to claim your free pint at a number of London pubs.

#8 Frer Taxi Ride

Want a free taxi ride? Services like Uber are offering free credit for new registers and for those of you recommending friends. Use the promo code ‘BROKEINLONDON’ to get a £15 free first ride on us!

cheap taxi

Use the voucher code ‘BROKEINLONDON’ to get a £15 free first ride

#9 Bar Hack

An old toilet at the bottom of a run-down staircase – or Portside Parlour one of London’s many speak-easies? London has some amazing hidden bars! Check out some of the best here for an innovative date idea or night out with friends.



#10 London Loo Hack

We’ve all been in that situation in the middle of London where we’re desperate for the toilet but have no small change for London’s public loos! Instead, check out the Great British Public Toilet Map to find your nearest free toilet

Top 13 London Hacks

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#11 Cycling hack

Santander Cycles – Pay £2 for 24 hours and make sure to ride in half an hour intervals only before docking, you’ll only end up paying £2 for the whole day!

Santander cycle Hire

Santander Cycle Hire

#12 Clubbing Hack

Who wants to pay club entry for a venue that’s not guaranteed to be great? For bars like Vodka Revolutions, why not pop in for a cheeky early drink and who knows, you could end up staying for the evening, without paying for that later entry…



#13 Activities Hack

Looking to try something new in London but not ready to invest in case it’s not for you- check out our free activities page for a whole host of free sessions in London, including free dance classes, free work out classes and more.

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