Top 5 Reasons Hobbies Are Important on a CV

Top 5 Reasons Hobbies Are Important on a CV

Inject a bit of character into your job application!

By Hayley from Jobulo

There are a lot of sections that make up a CV. A good CV has a strong personal statement, career objective, a list of key skills, a mix of work experience and reliable references. But one section that gets ignored time and time again is the hobbies section.

If you’re struggling to cut down the length of your CV then we bet this is one of the first sections to go during your editing spree. But hobbies can actually be really advantageous. They can enhance your CV in a number of ways and can even help you to build rapport with a potential employer. Here’s how:

#1 Shows Character

Your CV is full of your work experience and work successes so the hobbies section is really the only place you can show off your personality and character. Your interests outside of work can tell an employer a lot more about you than your daily role can, so hobbies automatically demonstrate personality and therefore they can make your CV more interesting to read.

Is photography your main hobby? Then write it down!

Is photography your main hobby? Then write it down!

#2 It Supports Your Work Experience

If you are working in a particular industry and your hobbies relate to it, then they can support your work experience and reinforce your passion for the industry. For instance, if you’re applying for a job as a Journalist and one of your hobbies includes writing a blog, it clearly shows an employer how passionate and enthusiastic you are about the job. And this can really add strength to your overall job application.

#3 It Demonstrates Your Team Work

When an employer is hiring for a role they will no doubt be looking for a candidate that can equally handle working alone and working in a team. Most employers require new candidates to work in a team at some point so teamwork and rapport building skills are essential. Your hobbies can really support this characteristic. If you take part in a sports team, attend a book club or volunteer as part of a team then include it on your CV!

Top 5 Reasons Hobbies Are Important on a CV

Is football your main hobby? Then write it down!

#4 It Makes Your CV Different

If an employer receives multiple CVs for one job role then it’s likely the work experience and education sections of each CV are going to be similar. But the hobbies section is your chance to stand out and to make your CV a bit different from the competition. Although another candidate may share similar hobbies to you, it’s doubtful that they have accomplished the same as you. So whether you’ve won a tournament or won a medal, write it down.

#5 Hobbies Help To Build Rapport

The hobbies section can really help you to build rapport with a prospective employer and can help with job interview conversations too. If you’ve listed a hobby on your CV that the employer shares, then they will probably talk to you about it at the job interview stage. If you share a similar hobby to an employer, whether that’s a sport or favourite past time, then it will be much easier to build rapport with the employer during your job interview. So don’t be afraid to list down your hobbies – you might just find they improve your job interview performance.


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