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Power Words You Should Be Using on Your CV

Give your CV that extra va va voom!

By Hayley from Jobulo

When applying for jobs, making a good first impression is crucial to your chances of securing a job interview. And your CV is the first thing an employer will see before deciding whether to shortlist your application, so it needs to stand out to make a positive impression!

Luckily there are a few simple things you can do (as well as things you should avoid) to make your CV extra special and one of these things includes filling your CV with ‘power words’. These are good words can trigger a positive response from an employer reading it and they can demonstrate your employability.

Take a look below for some CV power words that are worth using on your job application and some reasons why they are so effective.

Power Words You Should Be Using on Your CV

Some good words to use in a cv

#1 Adaptable

All employers are impressed by a candidate if they describe themselves as adaptable. If you are adaptable it indicates that you can take on multiple tasks, you have a variety of skills and you can work in a variety of environments too. Many employers look for candidates that can fit in with a team environment but also can work well independently, so outlining that you can adapt to change is certainly an attribute a prospective employer will find attractive.

Tip: To support your claim ensure you use the job descriptions within the work experience section of your CV to list all of the different tasks you have taken on and the variety of responsibilities you have had in previous roles.

#2 Reliable

There’s no denying it, reliability is a strong attribute in a candidate. Whether it’s relying on you to turn up to work on time, relying on you to deal with a customer query or relying on you to complete a project successfully, an employer needs to know that they can count on you!

Tip: Show how reliable you are by including any regular hobbies you have on your CV. If you can show you have a hobby that you commit to in your spare time it will demonstrate how reliable and trustworthy you are.

#3 Passionate

It’s crucial that an employer knows you are passionate about the industry and the job. If you’re not passionate about a role then it can imply that you’re not looking for a long-term career in the industry – and this is something most employers look for when hiring a candidate. They need to know that their investment in you will benefit the company in the future.

Tip: Show an employer you’re aiming for long-term goals by detailing how passionate you are about the industry. You can talk about this in your personal statement and career objective.

#4 Organised

Whatever job role you are applying for, explaining that you are an organised person can only be a good thing! If you are an organised individual it demonstrates that you can complete tasks effectively, prioritise work-loads and keep calm when under pressure.

Tip: Concentrate on your CV design. If you submit a CV that has great structure and design then you’re proving your organisation skills already!

#5 Innovative

Innovation is a great word to use on your CV. Most employers face stiff competition regardless of the industry they are operating in, so a candidate that can help them think outside of the box and create new ideas and processes is always an attractive offering.

Tip: You can show innovation on your CV in the achievements section. Use this section to detail any achievements you have made in previous positions including any processes you have helped to create or any ideas you put into practice. If you have achieved something in your personal time that shows innovation then be sure to include this too.


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