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Top 9 Budget-friendly Things to Do in New Zealand

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Guest post by Sarah Williams

It’s easy to get enthusiastic about a trip to New Zealand. However, a person may get discouraged due to the pricy effect associated with New Zealand travels. Nonetheless, don’t lose hope just yet. There’s more to this region than meets the eye. A person can view the stunning beaches, the cascading waterfalls as well as natural springs, among others. Below are some of the budget-friendly activities that anyone can indulge in New Zealand.

#1 | Art-deco Napier

Here’s an outdoor museum that people can explore the fascinating art-deco architecture. The Napier city primarily got built in the year 1931 after a major catastrophic earthquake event.

Enjoy the uniformly unique streets which are full of beautiful eye candy. One can invite friends over, and they can take a stroll or a bike ride through the beautiful venue.

Paying a tour guide is optional; thus, one can see the place on cheap by following the Tennyson as well as the Emerson Streets. Be sure to use a self-guided art deco walk map to make the tour worthwhile.

#2 | Auckland art gallery

A free guided tour sends chills down the spin to any art lover. One can opt to visit the public art gallery, which gets housed within the pretty 1887 building, which has a tres modern facelift.

Get to see international stars such as Picasso, Gaugin, as well as Cezanne. Don’t lose sight of the local luminaries of media and eras, which makes the gallery number one destination for art enthusiasts.

#3 | Camping in Lake Taupo

Anyone who enjoys camping can choose to have a phenomenal holiday encounter at lake Taupo. Put the grooving camping hat on and prepare for the unique time at the campsite.

During the stay, one can choose to go fishing in the lake. One can come along with friends and family and wish to bask in the glory of the lake shores.

Have a captivating look at the volcanic peak of Tongariro national park. Anyone can visit Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park, to book accommodation at the lakefront and have a heavenly experience.

#4 | Te Papa Tongarewa

Here’s an excellent museum that anyone can visit when they are on a budget. The museum offers non-stop fun with the colourful display of digital bling and hand-on stuff.

Experience the funny golden days’ movie hall, which moves people to tears. Take time to go back in history and relive the long-forgotten days.

#5 | Cape kidnappers Gannet colony

Anyone who enjoys the bird circuses ought to visit this place. The rowdy gaggle gannets’ nests on the remote islands. In the settlement, one can find more than 20000 birds settled in the accessible clifftop. 

Take allies to see the birds between November and late February. Take a five-hour walk from Clifton, which is quite fascinating and will do the body better, thus improving overall health.

#6 | Hot water beach

Don’t leave New Zealand without having an encounter at the therapeutic thermal waters of tropical water beach. One can choose to visit the place and save money instead of making a trip to the spa. 

The magnificent Coromandel Beach allows anyone to dig up their private hot pool in the sand. One can hire a spade on cheap at the available café.

Spend almost 2 hours at the side of the low tide and relax. Enjoy the salty as well as a friendly atmosphere that will leave one rejuvenated.

#7 | Tongariro alpine crossing

Take a stroll at this fantastic crossing without spending much. All a person ought to have is a good pair of rubber shoes, trailhead transport, and be ready to break a sweat.

It’s a fantastic walk that traverses the major volcanic centre of Tongariro National park. Get the chance to view the peculiar steaming springs and vents’ moonscape. The surreal craters, ridges, and lakes have a panoramic view that anyone ought to have a look.

#8 | Hawke’s Bay farmer’s market

What an excellent opportunity to spend one’s time than lazing on the warm sunny weekend? Take the chance to get serenaded by local musicians with their amazing songs.

Enjoy a tasty meal by planning an outdoor picnic to enjoy the sun. Take the time to consume local produce directly from farmers. The phenomenal farmers market is quite an indulgence that will leave one satisfied and longing for more.

#9 | Pasifika fest

Enjoy the diverseness of the Polynesian culture by attending the Pasifika festival. The festival takes place over the weekend in the late summer.

Celebrate the beautiful culture that makes New Zealand stand out as a collective identity. Enjoy the art and craft, the live music as well as a fiesta of food that spice the local vibe

It’s entirely possible to explore the magnificent awe of New Zealand while on a tight budget. Choose a couple of allies and head out to the fantastic places mentioned above, among others. One can also check in Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park to get amazing budget-friendly offers. Explore the region even when you are on a tight budget and have the best time ever!