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Top 9 Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

Make money while travelling

By Stephen Gacho

Even for once, most of us dreamt of being able to travel without worrying about our job. Job may require that we stay in one place until the end of contract, while adventures may seem to be needing to surrender the days of work. It might seem impossible to achieve both without sacrificing one. The good news is that there are, in fact, plenty of varying choices where travel and job are both required!

Some jobs may seem familiar, but some will leave you astonished! These are the top 9 jobs that include taking yourself the pleasure of wandering around the world while earning. Find your ideal job here.

#9 | Au Pairs/Nanny

This is perfect most mainly for those who love children. Au pairs and nannies usually get to travel internationally, especially when their family decides to go on a trip. High quality child service is a must, and some families would expect qualifications in early childhood education. For this, there are agencies that recruit, willing to be matched with au pairs and families overseas. You may look for nanny agencies in your area that hires neatly, as some might charge a one off finder’s fee, though others expect an ongoing commission deducted on your salary.

Pay might sometimes be not great but considering you get your free accommodation, meals, provided that you get to travel the world.

#8 | ESL Teachers

In our modern world – moving in a fast phase of technology and knowledge for global competency, ESL (English as a second language) teachers are in demand overseas. Not only you will get to visit a foreign country, but immersing yourself in a new in the country’s culture while earning great would be a both a privilege and a pleasure!

However, this limits you according to the number and the language itself that you speak. A few credential checks will probably get you conducted in a background check. Some might require fluency in both languages while others will need only the basics.

Top 9 Flexible Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#7 | Roadie

Unfamiliar as it may seem, but this job is one of the reasons why concerts are simply successful. As musicians go on tour all the time, they rely on these people for a smooth and memorable concert. This is also fit for people who are musically inclined. They include stage manager, audio producer, tour manager and lighting technician even! It’s road life plus many late nights and early starts.

Most musicians like the consistency of travelling with their own trusted people while most venues have their own stagehands.

Top 9 Flexible Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#6 | International Tour Guide

Are you a friendly and highly interactive person? This might be the one for you! Travel destinations will need knowledge-equipped and sociable guides for the city sights and cultural discussions in most of the time. Anywhere you might be, you can always partner or group up yourself among others with similar interest and go to different countries or even the country of your choice to learn the area and offer your services! There are also travel agencies offering the availability of this job.

Some guides are likely to provide the service of a travel co-coordinator, arranging the entire trip from flights, accommodation, transport and suggested places and restaurants to visit therefore, contribution might not solely depend on your knowledge of local history.

Top 9 Flexible Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#5 | International aid worker

For selfless people who want to devote their time making a real difference in people’s lives, international aid worker can be a calling for you. The UNICEF, World Vision, The Fred’s Hollow Foundation, Oxfam and WHO are just some of the numerous international organizations and government that are in need of aid workers.

Struggling countries are in need of a helping hand and with this job, you can encounter different stories and even help residents recover from situations like natural disasters, famine, and war torn experience. Strong passion for social work and service will definitely be your key towards achieving this. Background in a field such as health, agriculture or education can be a plus.

Top 9 Flexible Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#4 | Cruise ship worker

One of the most highly paid international jobs is to work in a cruise ship. Nowadays, cruising is becoming more and more in demand, as there must be a massive number of staffs keeping guest comfortable and satisfied. From customer relations, bartending, wait staff, cooks, gym instructors or personal trainers, medical staff, cleaners, performers, lifeguards, tour guides, activity co-coordinators and captain, the opportunities are of many to choose from!

You can be exhausted with the hours, but the entertainment may take it back along cruising the world with short stops along the way.

Top 9 Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#3 | Flight Attendant

Tall with pleasant personality? One of the most common work-and-travel combos is the flight attendant since almost everyone knows this. Achievable as it is, you do not need a degree to actually become a flight attendant. It is general fact that the most major airlines require prior customer service experience. The hours, dealing with passengers and the jetlag will take demand from you. On the other hand, the training on the job is available, the opportunity to visit hundreds of countries across the globe, is one too.

Plus, you can be the most popular person in your family and take them on a flight made affordable – thanks to the discounted family airfares.

Top 9 Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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#2 | Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This is ideal if you are politically-influenced and a wanderer. This might seem difficult one but once you are at the beginning in your career, it’s a grand end-goal. I personally dreamt of becoming a diplomat someday but placing it on a second makes travelling blogger my first. There are assorted jobs available in embassies, high commissions, or consulates overseas. Applying through the government sites enrols yourself to a handful of training and if you get accepted, this requires plenty of posting that is, people go from country to country.

The key? Be reliable, discrete, and efficient.

#1 | Travel Blogger

This is becoming one of the uprising yet competitive industry. More and more people are engaging in blogging as the world is now revolving with the rise of technology and its discoveries. Blogging allows people to be able to express and share their ideas, experiences and anything they wanted people to read. This might be the key for your start but you might have to do it for free. You can always work your way up from here.

Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul. In our life’s wonderful journey, why not fill both?

Top 9 Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

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If you are looking for more job opportunities you can use a job board like Jooble.