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Top Funny and Original Monuments in Europe

Guest post by Francesca Gastrell

Traveling to Europe has always been a popular choice for tourists. Well-known tourist destinations can often become overcrowded, while others can seem lackluster. To make your trip to Europe more enjoyable, consider visiting some unique and entertaining attractions. These can be found in the cities you plan to visit.

Do you want to make your trip to Europe more enjoyable and fun? Check out this collection of entertaining and unique sights. Many of these attractions can easily be found in the cities you plan to visit.

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Joke on a policeman, Brussels (Belgium)

This sculpture is a representation of humor and irony created by Belgian artist Tom Franzen. It depicts a joker grabbing the leg of a policeman, causing him to fall to the ground as he leans out of a manhole. This artwork was commissioned by the Belgian government and is meant to be taken lightly, as a source of fun and amusement.

Horse, Prague (Czech Republic)

The revered equestrian monument of St. Wenceslas has been reinterpreted by contemporary sculptor David Chorny, challenging the perspectives of many urban dwellers. The statue portrays St. Wenceslas positioned on the horse’s belly while the horse is upside down. Although it has received mixed reactions, the monument is well-known in the Czech Republic.”

Don’t cut the tree you’re sitting on, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

This memorial sculpture made its debut in a small courtyard in Amsterdam in 1989. It visually represents a widely recognized proverb. Despite efforts, the identity of the artist remains unknown. Location: The notable tree sculpture can be located in a park to the southwest of the American Hotel and can be easily accessed by taking a taxi from your Amsterdam apartment.

Cow in a spacesuit, Stockholm (Sweden)

In the lead up to the 2004 elections in Stockholm, over 70 cow sculptures were erected overnight. All but one were removed after the election. The reason for the cow being depicted in a spacesuit and moonwalker boots is unknown, but it continues to bring joy to both residents and visitors, making it a notable attraction.

Monuments of laughter, Flensburg (Germany)

This highly distinctive monument was created in six different variations. Depicted as individuals seated on benches, each person is depicted as laughing at a joke known only to them. The sculpture features two elderly women, a man engaged in his daily activities, and a grandfather. Due to the individuality of each figure, the expressions of laughter vary, making it a unique and captivating artwork.

Crane Hanging in the Air, Cadiz (Spain)

Le Passe-Muraille

The mystery behind this unusual fountain is easily solved. It has a built-in water supply line located behind the water stream, making it a functional piece of art. For those viewing it for the first time, it is a striking sight to behold.

Marcel Ayme Monument, Paris (France)

The renowned actor and sculptor Jean Marais created this tribute to his friend Marcel Ayme in 1989. The main figure in the sculpture is based on the model for Marcel Ayme, who was also the author of the story “The Man Passing Through the Wall.” The monument is conveniently located near the intersection of 17 Rue Norvins and Place Marcel-Ayme, and can be easily reached by a cheap Paris airport transfer without the use of a navigator.

Man Measuring Clouds, Brussels (Belgium)

In this contemporary sculpture by Jan Fabre, a man is depicted as standing on a roof, perched on the fourth step of a ladder, and gazing up at the sky in a dream-like state. The sculpture, which is made entirely of bronze and is the size of an adult, can be found on the roof of the airport in Brussels, Belgium.

César’s Thumb, Paris (France)

IMG_6309/Paris La Défense/Le Pouce by Cesar artist sculptor
The creation of this monument has a peculiar but intriguing origin story. The artist, Cesar Baldaccini, had long been working with metal and had the idea to create a massive replica of his finger. The resulting sculpture, made entirely of bronze, stands 12 meters tall and weighs over 18 tons. It symbolizes acceptance in a subtle way, resembling a thumbs up.

Monument to Fashion Designers, Milan (Italy)

This well-known sculpture in Milan is located in a city that has long been regarded as the hub of fashion. The monument seamlessly blends with the contemporary architecture of Milan and represents the three primary colors of public transportation, namely the green, yellow, and red of the three metro lines. It was created in 2000 by the artist duo Klas Oldenburg and Kuzi van Bruggen, and your airport transfer chauffeur can take you there directly upon your arrival.