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Top Tips for Updating Kids’ Rooms on a Budget

Here are 7 top tips to get you started…

Guest post by Anne Davies, Owner of Room to Grow

Children tend to change their mind regularly so it can be expensive to constantly update their room based on their changing interests and moods. However, bedroom updates are inevitable as children outgrow the décor. This can feel daunting and time consuming, but there are a few ways you can ensure the updates don’t break the bank. By planning ahead and thinking a little outside the box, you can stay within budget and have some fun along the way.

#1 | First things first, create a plan

When you plan in advance, you have better control over the changes being made and the money being spent. You can plan around your budget and therefore are more likely to stick to it. Planning ahead of time will also give you the opportunity to decide what you would like to keep and what you would like to get rid of as well as to identify any pieces of furniture you may like to be restored or upcycled.

Draw a quick sketch that illustrates where you would like furniture and accessories to sit in the room. This will help you to visualise a new design and will help you to understand how many new items will be required to fill the space. Knowing in advance how much new furniture is necessary you will also then be able to budget any extras around the larger pieces.

#2 | Listen to your little one

Kids tend to have large personalities so it is not unusual that they would want to be involved in designing their new bedroom space. Whilst they may be less interested in the finer details such as paint shades and furniture choice, but they’ll usually be intent on updating their room in a certain way.

#3 | The bed should remain the focal point

It may come as no surprise that the bed should be the main focal point of the room; the rooms main purpose is sleep, after all. The best starting point is to design the room around practical and stylish children’s beds for sale from Room to Grow.

#4 | Get creative

A great way to revamp your child’s bedroom and have some fun at the same time is to get involved with some DIY. Giving old furniture a new coat of paint can bring it back to life; whether it be a touch up of the same colour or even a complete change of colour or fabric. Changing handles on furniture is also a really easy way you give furniture a whole new look! You can accessorise old cushions with embroidery, sequins, iron on transfers or badges to update them in line with the overall colour scheme or theme of the room. If you have a talent for knitting, you can even knit your child their own blankets and throws!

#5 | Keep the paint neutral

Neutral paint is the arguably the best option for a kid’s room as it allows you to update the theme, colours and accessories as you please without having to redecorate entirely. A neutral base means that you can add pops of colour and personalisation through accessories and wall art.

#6 | Let there be light

Updating the lighting can really bring the room to life; start by replacing the lampshades if necessary and consider adding themed lights to tie the décor together. Dainty fairy lights work well if you’re after a rustic feel.

#7 | Add the finishing touches

Accessories are your best friend when you’re updating a kid’s room. They can be easily updated and changed when your child changes their interests over time. You could look to arrange mementos, sports trophies and photos on shelves, and introduce a sitting area, perhaps in the form of beanbags, if your child enjoys reading or socialising with friends.

If you’re organised, revamping your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a costly move. Look to make the most of what you already have and get creative with upcycling furniture and accessorising well.