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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your London Home

See our top tips below on how to tidy, declutter and spring clean your home  for free

By Helly Barrett (follow Helly on Twitter @helly_barret)

Spring has official sprung here in the UK and that means it’s time for a spring clean! Whether it’s your bedroom in your parents’ house, a shared apartment with the girls or your very own place, see our tips below to help you declutter, clean and tidy to the best of your ability this spring!

#1 Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

As tempting as it is to jump, bin bags blazing, into spring cleaning, if you don’t have some sort of a plan you may end up with more of a mess then you originally started with.

So, whether you’re decluttering your room or an entire apartment, separate it into clear tasks on a to-do list. Think of sorting drawers, under the bed and your wardrobe as separate areas and don’t move on from one until the other is decluttered and tidy!

Also, in a corner of the room, or just outside, gather all the cleaning tools you’ll need – from bleach and flash wipes to bin bags and your hoover.

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your London Home

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#2 Before and after photos

One way to keep yourself motivated during this year’s spring clean is to take before and after photos. If you know you’re going to document the final result for yourself or others to see then you’ll be more likely to do a proper job.

What’s more, the more people you tell about your decluttering adventure, the more likely you’ll be to follow through and actually do it! Who said peer pressure is always bad…

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your London Home

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#3 Let me entertain you

Whether it’s a film on in the background, your favourite Netflix series or your very own spring cleaning playlist, make sure you’ve got something going on in the background to keep you entertained.

Songs and movies can also act as the perfect timeframe for cleaning and are great fun if you’re tidying as a group. Impromptu air-band with guitar mops and feather duster microphone? Hell yes!

#4 Make the bed

This tip doesn’t really need an explanation however, when possible, always start cleaning by making your bed – it’ll make the room look instantly tidier.

#5 Yes, No, Maybe –I don’t know?

Yes, that was a reference to the Malcom in the Middle theme tune.

This one’s for those of you who are slightly less disciplined first time around. When deciding whether or not to throw things away, donate them, sell them, or simply keep them, try and organise them into 3 boxes – a yes, no and maybe box.

Half an hour late return to your maybe box – if you don’t remember putting something in there- chuck it.

Yes no maybe

#6 Get it outta there

Simply put, as you fill bin bags and boxes full of rubbish and maybe pieces, if you don’t quite know where they’re going yet, then try and store them outside the room. This will make the ongoing cleaning process a lot easier and a lot tidier. For rubbish removals and waste collection across London be sure to check out Litta.

Disclaimer: BrokeinLondon are not responsible for any injuries or fights between housemates as a result of mess in communal areas

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your London Home

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#7 The 1 year rule

Another really simple tip for you, (you’ll need to be disciplined here), if you haven’t worn or used it in over a year – get rid of it – no exceptions.

If you think you’re going to really struggle with this, nominate a more brutal, unforgiving friend to help!

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your London Home

The 1 year rule

#8 Top to bottom

For those of you going for a deep clean as well as a tidy, remember to clean top to bottom. By this we mean start with the cobwebs in the ceiling, then wipe down the surfaces and then finish with a floor clean and a hoover. Check out this guide on the best stick vacuum, that will help you to choose the perfect one for you. This avoids missing any dirt that might reach the floor mid tidy.

#9 Hide those wires

No matter how tidy your room is, if there are wires everywhere it’ll look instantly messy.

Whether it’s cable ties, feeding them through the back of your bedside table or simply cello-taping them underneath your TV unit, hide those wires for a room that looks suddenly decluttered.

TV Cables

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#10 Clear out, cash in

Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean chucking things out.  Check out last year’s post on how to make money during your spring clean here.

#11 Refresh post mess

Phew! After all is said and done and everything’s been organised, tidied away and cleaned till it’s absolutely sparkling, it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Open those windows, light your favourite candle and treat yourself to a fresh bunch of flowers. Then sit back with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and admire your beautifully tidy home.

Happy cleaning!

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