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Top Ways To Decorate Your London Flat In 2021 – On A Budget!

By Namra

There is a popular saying that goes like, ‘It’s what on the inside that matters the most!’

Well, turns out, this saying (that was initially meant for a person’s heart!) is also true for several other things in real life, one example being your house or flat where you live! No matter how decently you might have painted our house from the outside if it is unable to exude any radiance or warmth from the inside too, what is the point of all the decor then?

The interior decor and design of any house matter in the same way as its exterior does. Imagine you enter a house that is all decorated and set up from the outside – outdoor plants, a cool welcome mat, an inviting porch, and once when you enter inside the house, all that you find inside is a dull, boring theme with nothing to interest you, what would be your first impression? Of course, you will feel bored with nothing to look at!

Therefore, if you feel that your flat also has somewhat the same monotonous picture that we just drew above, then relax! Chances are, by the time you reach the end of this post, you would have gained inspiration on how to bring a personalised change to your living space and give it a new touch all over again!

Since the majority of people in London live in flats, here are some interesting ways that you could use to decorate your simple flat and make it appear bright, comfortable, and homely for a happy new change!

And do you know what the best part is? All of these ideas are budget-friendly which means that you do not, in any way, need to go way overboard or above your budget to arrange things and decorate your dream flat.

Being affordable means anyone can do it, so without wasting any time, let’s see how you can bring a nice little change to your flat!

Tip # 1: Add In Your DIY Artwork!

To be honest, nothing makes your flat look like a ‘home’ unless you have added your personal touch to it. There are several ways of doing this.

For example, you can always hang a painting or two that you could paint for yourself or buy a pre-drawn landscape or any other sketch and paint it yourself just so you could hang it up anywhere in your flat.

This is a cheap yet brilliant way of adding ‘colors’ to your place and making it appear bright for a start!

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Tip # 2: Go For Themed Posters!

Nowadays, everyone goes after themes. People like personalising their spaces with a specific theme for some weeks or months and then go on to change it for some other theme, and so on.

If you wish to go for such a themed space too, then you can begin with hanging on wall posters or wallpapers that not only work as a perfect theme for your flat but also bring in a certain charm to your flat that makes everyone admire your taste for selecting any particular theme.

If you want any ideas for such themed posters or wallpapers that are available at a ‘steal’ price, then make sure to check out this brilliant collection of canvas prints and posters.

Top Ways To Decorate Your London Flat In 2021 - On A Budget!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Tip # 3: Declutter Your Flat!

Let us be real here – who loves crowded spaces? Even if you are someone who has a lot of stuff to keep, there is no way that you should do it openly to make everyone who visits your flat think that you are a disorganised and messy person.

Instead, start investing in furniture that is available online on platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc. Budget-friendly furniture options would be smaller than what you would have expected but rest assured, with their compactness and ability to take up laser space, you will thank yourself for investing in such a useful purchase!

An example includes replacing floor-length bookshelves with floating ones – saves a lot of space realistically!

Top Ways To Decorate Your London Flat In 2021 - On A Budget!

Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

Tip # 4: Don’t Ignore The Floors!

If you live in such a flat space where it is possible for you to focus on painting the walls and other spaces, try giving your floors a try! And no, this does not necessarily mean that you have to paint your floors – who does that, anyway?

Instead, place small, colorful rugs wherever you can. Now, don’t clutter the whole space in trying to do that. A small or medium-sized rug in your living room would be enough to bring in enough colors to your room, and would be light on the pocket too!

Tip # 5: Throw Pillows For The Win!

To give your flat a cozy vibe, it would be great if you could invest in some throw pillows and cover them up with your hand-embroidered pillow covers.

This would serve two purposes – one, it would add in more sitting space in your flat, and two, you can always find fabrics to use as cushion covers from within your closet space, which would be a great way to channel your inner creative side!

And so, in this way, you could give your flat a warm and personalised touch by doing some tweaks here and there.

There are many other ways by which you could proceed systematically to go on and redecorate your flat room by room, but it all depends on your interest and creativity – just think of your plain, boring flat as an empty canvas and start painting in it already!

Top Ways To Decorate Your London Flat In 2021 - On A Budget!

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels