Upcoming Art Exhibition: Trees Are For Life - Broke in London

Upcoming Art Exhibition: Trees Are For Life

WappArt&Music, LUAP and Niya Ruseva are kicking off the new year with an exciting and engaging art installation, Trees Are For Life. The installation will be displayed at Wapp Art – Gauging Square, London E1W 2AH, from 18th January 2023 – 11th February 2023 for public viewing from outside. For the full experience, a free event of the installation will take place on Wednesday, 18th January 2023 from 18:30 – 21:30.

Trees Are For Life features a dying forest encapsulated in a concrete unit. The piece addresses the environmental impact of the commercial Christmas-Tree industry, while emphasising the importance of our connection to nature and the necessity of protecting it. The piece consists of multiple Christmas trees which have been discarded after the winter holiday. LUAP’s iconic Pink Bear is displayed amongst the dying trees. Viewers will have an immersive experience witnessing the decaying process of the Christmas trees. The installation raises awareness about the impact purchasing Christmas trees has on our planet, calling for more sustainable approaches towards this widespread tradition.

Bringing a Christmas tree back to life (if bought with the roots), or recycling it properly and repurposing the wood will make a big difference with time. We ask you to try next year.

WappArt and Ruseva are seeking to support the artistic community in London and in the local area of Wapping. Their collaboration with LUAP emphasises their goal to develop a creative and accepting community which critically addresses global issues and raises awareness.

upcoming art exhibition: Trees of life

Where: Wapp Art – Gauging Square, London E1W 2AH
When: from 18th January 2023 – 11th February 2023