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15 Budget or Free Things To Do In London In Winter

Budget or free activities suitable for everyone

Guest Post by Kristin Savage

London is without a doubt one of the most amazing places in the world to visit during any season. But this city is especially beautiful in winter. Lots of tourists come there during this season, but not all of them know about all fun activities they can experience. So here for those, who have no idea where to go in London during these three cold months, are 15 budget or free things to do in London in winter.

#1 | Christmas spirit

London Christmas Spirit

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It would not be fair not to include the biggest winter holiday in the list. London is absolutely gorgeous during this time of year. So even without any special funds you could enjoy the Christmas spirit in this city.

#2 | Caroling

Christmas Carols

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How is it possible to forget famous Christmas carols? Before December 25th groups of people gather together in the streets of London to give others a Christmas spirit by singing carols and just having fun. You should try too, it is very amusing and absolutely free!

#3 | Wander around


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Never underestimate simple walking around the city. Just imagine how beautiful London is during the winter holiday season! Lots of Christmas lights, snow and happy people around – isn’t it worth a try? Go see main attractions like Big Ben or Trafalgar Square. Afterwards you could stop at one of the many little coffee shops and have a cup of hot chocolate. It is not for free but definitely will not shake your budget.

#4 | Christmas markets

Christmas market

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During December, London is filled with Christmas markets of all kinds. Even if you do not have money to buy something – you definitely have to see how beautiful these places are. For example, Barbican and Leadenhall Christmas Markets are fully covered from the snow and rain so you will definitely have fun there!

#5 | Ice skating

ice skating

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Did you know that London has lots of skating rings? Some of them are absolutely for free! For example, you could check out The Scoop at More where sometimes are hosted free ice skating events. You should just check local news for the update before your trip.

#6 | Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace

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This is probably one of the most recognisable buildings in the whole city which every tourist must check out. The usual price for a tour is around 40 GBP for an adult, but there are way cheaper tours if you just check out their official page. This might seem pricy at first, but you just have got to see it from the inside!

#7 | London ‘Eye’

London Eye

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The very famous observation wheel will allow you to see the city from the top. Trust us – you will be in awe. The view is worth spending the money. By the way, if you book the ride beforehand, you might get a discount up to 40%.

#8 | Tate Modern Gallery

Tate modern

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Located on the shore of River Thames, Tate Modern contains thousands of amazing pieces of art. You could make a stop there after a long walk around the city and you will not regret it. The best part about this gallery is that it is absolutely free for everyone. Which is amazing, considering how many masterpieces are hiding inside its walls.

#9 | Hyde Park

Hyde Park is especially beautiful during winter months when everything is covered in snow. This is one of London’s eight Royal Parks and everything in there just ‘breathes’ with beauty. From time to time this place is visited by free lectors who are holding seminars – maybe you will be lucky.

Woman snowing

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#10| Platform 9 ¾


Pic taken from wikipedia.com

Even if you are not the biggest Harry Potter fan, there is still a great chance you know about this place. It is a wall with half a trolley stuck in it. There are also scarves from every faculty of Hogwarts. You can choose one and take a picture absolutely for free! But be ready to wait in line as there are lots of fans waiting around usually.

#11 | National Gallery

National Gallery

Pic taken from National Gallery

Speaking of art – if you are a big fan of paintings, you should definitely visit National Gallery in London. This place has an amazing collection of painting from all around the world. Some of them are quite famous but let’s not give away any spoilers – you must see them with your own eyes. Check the opening times on their website.

#12 | Meet Rudolf

Christmas Decor

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Not everyone knows that you can actually meet Rudolf the Reindeer in London! The place is called Covent Garden and rumors say he comes there before Christmas. Or maybe not. Who knows… Maybe you will get lucky enough to pet him?

#13 | Visit museums

Museum in London

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Guess what – most museums in London are absolutely free. So you can spend a few days just walking from one museum to another enjoying art pieces and learning more about history. The best museums are British Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum – you should definitely check them out.

#14 | Secret building

MI6 building

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If you take a walk near the Thames River, you might even see the building of MI6 – secret British service. This building was blown up in one of James Bond movies, so it is a ‘must see’, especially if you are a fan of this franchise.

#15 | St. Paul’s Cathedral


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The last but not least – place that has over 300-years old history. One of the oldest cathedrals in the city and an absolutely magnificent building. When you are inside be sure to check out the ‘whispering gallery’ and enjoy the city view from the rooftop.

So these are 15 things you could do for free (or very cheap) in London during winter. There are also lots of other activities but if we had to include all of them to the list – it would have had hundreds of points. The main advice here is to enjoy the city in any case. London is very special in winter, be sure to experience this holiday magic while you are there. Because whether you are paying or not – you can still make amazing memories.

A bit about Kristin Savage

Kristin has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in Germanic Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in how to use her to some extent practical knowledge of language processes in everyday life. She has been a writer at Pick Writers for a few years and is known for her thorough approach to all the tasks and aspiration to fulfill assignments with flying colors.