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4 Tips for Writing the Perfect CV

Simple ways to make your CV stand out

Guest post by Gabriel Gonser

Finding a job has become immensely challenging, considering the current situation of the economy. With the coronavirus outbreak, many people have lost their jobs or means of livelihood. That’s why there is going to be more competition now than ever to stand out from the crowd, once the companies start to open up again.

You need to build an excellent CV to show the employers you’re the ideal person for the position. A perfect CV can help you show your expertise and that you’re perfect for the job.

Before you start job hunting, look for an excellent job site that displays job listings of your decired sector. There are hundreds of job boards out there. You can find a marketing job, or any other, with great companies on various job sites. Here are four crucial tips that you can use today to create an excellent CV.

Start With the Basics

When making a CV, don’t think about the right and wrong ways.

There are several sections that you need to cover before anything else. Start by writing down your personal details. These would be your full name, mobile number, address, email, and other things. You can then mention your education and qualification. Followed with work history, experience, skills, interests, hobbies, and references. Don’t start writing just yet, keep reading.

Make It Attractive

The people you send to will have hundreds of CVs to go through. They might not even read yours if it’s not attractive. Write it very neatly and try to make it look more attractive, but keep it professional at the same time. You can include some eye-catching information in the upper middle area of the first page, as that is where the recruiter’s eye will fall first.

Tailor the CV to the Position

Many people create a generic CV with a long list of skills and mention everything in it, whether relevant or not. You can surely do better by tailoring every CV to the role you’re applying for.

Start by looking at the description given on the website by the company for the role. It will provide you with an understanding of what they want. You can make your CV to match their needs, without making it too obvious.

A general CV mostly doesn’t work, and it can take a lot of time to create personalized CVs. That is why you should create a structure and write a few things that are similar in all of them, like personal information, to reduce the work.

Tell About Your Interests

Most people don’t give this part much thought because they think skills and experience are more important. However, everything on your CV is essential, and it needs to be good.

You can highlight the things in this category that show off the skills you’ve gained, which the employer is interested in. This is a free section to give examples of how you worked previously. Use anything and everything that can show how enthusiastic, diverse, and skilled you are.

You should refrain from using anything like watching TV shows, as it would show that you lack people skills. Write things about yourself that the recruiter wants to hear, and you should be alright.