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25 Clever Ways to Make Money from Home

How you can stay at home, and still pay the bills

Guest post by Andrew Wise

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Making money from home is a dream for many. The idea of never having to report to a boss anymore, and working in your pajamas can be a reality. In fact, this very author quit his job 7 years ago and never looked back.

My biggest piece of advice would be to start working from home while you work for your job. Take the time after work to build your business, and over time, it’ll grow so big it’ll be a no brainer to quit your job and work from home.

The list below showcases some of the best starting points for making money from home.

#1 Garage or garden sale

Turn cleaning out an attic or basement from a chore into a money making venture. Host a garage or garden sale and watch your stuff turn into money.

#2 Recycle your old phone

There are plenty of sites online like Mazuma where you can receive cash for unused electronic devices. It’s good for the environment and puts money in your pocket.

#3 Sell your unwanted items online

Consider selling your unwanted things on an online auction site. Your trash is another’s treasure.

#4 Take in a lodger

Have an extra room? Turn it into extra money by taking in a lodger (register your free room on Airbnb through Broke in London and get a free £30 coupon for your next travel). It’s increasingly common to find travelers seeking the comfort only a private home can provide.

#5 Biscuit or sweet making

Start by selling to friends and family. Soon the whole neighborhood will be knocking on your door for a taste.

25 Clever Ways to Make Money from Home

#6 Laundry services

Offer to take in laundry. People will feel confident their garments are in good hands and receiving a personal touch.

#7 Become a transcriptionist

Employers will have you listen to audio files and transcribe their contents into text on your own schedule. Listen, type, earn.

#8 Offer to pet sit

When your acquaintances with furry friends go on trips, offer to pet sit for a fee.

25 Clever Ways to Make Money from Home

#9 Sell your produce

Put your garden to work. Sell your produce online or set up a roadside stand and please all comers with the fruits of your labor.

#10 Make crafts to sell online

Wreaths, paper flowers, and painted mirrors are some popular crafts on online craft sites.

#11 Become a call center operator

You can find opportunities online to earn income at home on the phone.

#12 Take online surveys

Search online for paying survey opportunities, speak your mind, and watch the pennies roll in. Find paid surveys through Toluna or LifePoints.

#13 Rent your stuff

If you have an expensive piece of kitchen or garden equipment, consider renting it. People will pay to use fancy gadgets short-term rather than buying their own.

#14 Sell your hair

Those long locks could be worth big bucks. A 14-15 inch ponytail can be worth between £15 – £200. And to think, all you had to do was let it grow.

#15 Become an at home data entry clerk

There are scads of opportunities online to become a data entry clerk. Set your own hours and type away.

#16 Teach lessons online

If you have a special skill, like playing a musical instrument, you can put it to use by giving online lessons for cash.

#17 Collect the change in your home

Do a survey of drawers, cushions, glove-boxes, and other areas. You may be surprised at how much you find.

#18 Rent your parking space

Many people are willing to pay good money not to have to park on the street. An extra space could earn even more if you live in a densely populated area like a city center.

#19 Sell some junk

Common household materials like wine corks and bath towel rolls are favorite materials among the crafty. Start collecting yours and, when you have a batch, offer them for sale online.

#20 Virtual assistantship

Some business owners and executives can’t afford to have a full time personal assistant. You could work for them virtually and earn real money.

25 Clever Ways to Make Money from Home

#21 Start a blog

Share your interests with the world. A successful blog can bring in good money through ad revenue. The more people who read it, the more money you make.

#22 Computer repair and troubleshooting

If you have the technological knack, there’s no better time to cash in.

#23 Car cleaning

With a talent for tidiness, you could be a perfect car cleaner. It’s a service a lot of people are willing to pay for.

#24 Garden services

Consider offering gardening services if you have a green thumb. Getting a garden started is impossible for some, and they’ll be glad to pay you to help.

#25 Website testing

Increasingly, companies are turning to the public to help them test their websites. Tests can range from a minute to fifteen or twenty. Take your pick!

A bit about Andrew

Andrew Wise is the founder of freesamples.us, and he is an avid shopper and saver. Before he buys anything online, he’s searched all the top coupon sites to ensure he’s getting the best deals.