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Sell your Hair in London

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, CUT OFF your long hair!

By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellythekiwi)

With no cure for baldness and the ever-increasing popularity of hair extensions, healthy human hair is a valuable commodity. Many wig makers and hair colleges are willing to pay you for your long tresses.

But before you chop that long ponytail off take these things into consideration:


#1 Hair Quality

Quality is most important. Hair Harvest (Bloomsbury Wigs) will not accept hair that has been coloured, highlighted or tinted. The hair should not have been permed or processed and it must be clean and healthy. For those smokers out there, remember that cigarette smoke will linger in the hair long after it has been washed.

#2 Unusual natural or natural blonde Hair

If you have an unusual natural hair colour or you are a natural blonde then you are in luck as your hair is more valuable. The same applies for Caucasian or European hair.

Selling your hair - length

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#3 Length is a must

Whilst length is important, it is usable hair that will be assessed. Wig makers are normally looking for a minimum of 6 inches (although some will say 10) but this does not include hair that needs to be trimmed at the bottom due to dryness or split ends.

Selling your hair in London

Pic taken by Hair Harvest’s FB – This hair was bought for £150

Sell your hair on London

Pic taken by Hair Harvest’s FB page – This 50cm ponytail got £45

If your hair fits the criteria then there are a number of ways to sell your hair in London.

#1 Contact the wig makers directly

Bloomsbury Wigs and Banbury Postiche are two well-known UK hair merchants. You can either send your hair into them, or arrange for them to cut it for you.

#2 Check at the classified ads

You can try posting an ad on Gumtree; or simply to respond to a wig maker who is already advertising on there.

#3 Sell your hair online

Sell it online by using a website such as HairSellon. You can sign up for a free account, use their hair calculator to estimate how much your hair is worth and then post an advertisement.

So, you have a long healthy hair; you’ve been in contact with a wig maker and now you want to know how much money you can expect?

The amount paid varies depending on who is buying it but Hair Harvest has this guide on their website:

10-12 inches: £15-£60
13-15 inches: £30-£80
16-18 inches: £50-£150
19+ inches: £60-£200

Banbury Postiche will pay between £3 and £5 per ounce of hair, depending on the length.

You can check out this useful Hair Price Calculator to help you calculate how much you can sell your hair for.

If you have got hair down to your knees, it’s healthy and you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash then get in touch with a wig maker today.

Useful Twitter links for you to check out:

Banbury Postiche: @banburypostiche
Hair Harvest: @sellyourhair

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