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5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash in London this Summer

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Easy ways to make money quickly this summer

By Sylvia from Studentmoneysaver

It’s going to be a hot one in London this year. If you spend summer in the city then you can expect blazing heat and people packing out busy streets.

With hot weather hitting the capital, you’ve got 2 options. Sit there and sweat or take advantage to make yourself some extra cash.

How will you do this? Check out our 5-step guide to find out…!

Here’s the deal:

#1 | Riding a bike is a great way of keeping cool…

Rider for Deliveroo ©deliveroo.co.uk

Rider for Deliveroo

Especially if you’re making money at the same time! The gig economy has its critics, but it can be a good way of topping up your income if you want flexible work.

Companies like Deliveroo give you a range of hours. You’ve probably heard the name, but if you don’t know what they do it’s simple:

You get paid to shuttle food around the city, delivering to various locations on a bike. Whether revving an engine or pedalling a bicycle, if you can get there then you can apply.

All they need you to have is a bike, a smartphone, which can handle their app (iPhone iOs 9 + or Android 4.4 +) and you’re on your way.

Don’t forget that many flexible jobs for extra cash are up for grabs in the capital. London is teeming with them so keep your options open!

This is just as cool:

#2 | Get snapping and get paid!


Pic taken from Pixabay

It isn’t just paparazzi and pro snappers that earn money from their photos. With high quality cameras built into any smartphone it’s never been easier to take a great pic.

Online content is fast-paced and visually driven. So there are opportunities out there for you to make fast money selling your material if it fits the bill.

You can sign up to an agency like iStockphoto, which makes it easy to upload your images and get paid promptly. It isn’t child’s play of course…

Why? You have to wait for some things. People have to want to buy your stuff for starters. Then payment only reaches your account when you hit a certain limit.

Unique content has a better chance of being accepted. Good news on that front – you live in London! In this throbbing metropolis all human life is here so get snapping and make some money…!

It gets better:

#3 | Stay In and Cash In

While you’re busy uploading your photos, why not find a place online to offload stuff you don’t need anymore for cash?

You don’t have to go out to coin it in. Sign up to eBay, musicMagpie and other sites who help you sell your items quickly and reliably.

From fashion to furniture, Blu-Rays to bath mats, if there’s a market for it all you need is an Internet connection to get it out the door.

Want to sell a large item via an app like Shpock? London has a vast population, so your chances of finding a local buyer who can collect quickly are increased (watch who you invite into your home though!).


#4 | Pull up to my bumper baby


If you drive in the capital you’ll know what a nightmare parking is. Ever considered renting out a parking space to a needy driver?

Would it help if we told you you could make £200 per month or more by making room for someone’s bumper?

You may have to check with your mortgage people or landlord to see whether you’re allowed to do it. Small print reading is required!

All being well and with a contract in place you’re ready to offer your tarmac and rake in some cash.

You might be wondering:

#5 | What is a womble?

You are! London is a great city but it isn’t the cleanest place to call home. Wombles were little creatures on TV who tidied Wimbledon Common when humans weren’t looking.

How does that apply to you? Keep an eye out for discarded receipts from supermarkets. They’re usually loaded with deals customers have left behind.

By doing stuff like entering codes to claim discounts and getting someone’s reward points added to your shop, you stand to save hundreds of pounds.

The way we look at it, you’re saving the environment as well as taking the edge off your bank balance!