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6 British Money and Financial Blogs You Should Be Reading

Looking to expand your personal finance reading list?

Guest post by Annie Button

Whether you are about to make a big financial decision in your life or you would just like to make some savings around the house, it is natural to want discover the best course of action. There is actually a fantastic resource of blogs providing a huge breadth of financial tips and money advice. Here are six of the best British money blogs that are offering fantastic insight and analysis on all areas of personal finance – you need to put them on your ‘to read’ list.

#1 | Moneywise

moneywise.co.uk - British Money and Financial Blogs You Should Be Reading

The huge and all-encompassing Moneywise offers knowledge, advice and insight into virtually every kind of financial situation imaginable. You might be looking for tips on the best savings accounts or where to get a loan from, or need help with remortgaging a property – Moneywise is a comprehensive blog and examines a huge variety of topics.

Launched as magazine in 1990, Moneywise has evolved into its online format covering investment opportunities, household finance and even how to spot financial scams.

#2 | Guarantor Loans UK

guarantorloansuk.net British Money and Financial Blogs You Should Be Reading


The recently revived Guarantor Loans UK blog is centred on offering practical advice and information to those people with a poor credit rating. There are interesting and helpful tips on what you can do to improve your credit score, as well as how to avoid very expensive loans with high interest rates. It also looks at everything from saving money to practical advice on matters such as insurance. Better still, the blog is written in plain English and presented without jargon to ensure that anyone can benefit from the guidance.

#3 | Savvy Woman

savvywoman.co.uk - British Money and Financial Blogs You Should Be Reading


Financial journalist Sarah Pennells was disappointed to learn that women tended to retire on less money, feel less confident taking financial risks and worry more about debt than men. So she decided to set up Savvy Woman, a website to help women understand and get more from their money.

Focusing on helping women to get a stronger grip on their finances the blog features a helpful mixture of opinion pieces, tools for budgeting and top tips for using money the right way. The blog has been so successful that it came fifth in The Times list of the Top 50 Websites to Save You Money’.

#4 | Lotty Earns



A different type of financial blog, Lotty Earns places an emphasis on finding deals and discounts that you can use on a day-to-day basis. Sharing ways to finding freebies, save money and even make cash at home, the blog puts an emphasis on financial stability while getting bargains and making your money go further.

A useful aspect of the Lotty Earns blog is that the advice is genuinely useful and can be applied immediately. Covering everything from getting discounts on your purchases to maximising your holiday plans on a budget, there’s something for everyone.

#5 | Money Advice Service



A little different from the other blogs on this list, the Money Advice Service was actually set up by the government to provide free (and most importantly) completely impartial financial advice to readers. Covering everything from the basics of managing benefits and setting up bank accounts to providing practical knowledge on investing and planning for retirement, this is a blog that can be useful for just about everyone.

One of the best aspects of the Money Advice Service is their ranges calculators and tools that make it easier for you to make financial plans.

#6 | Mummy Money Matters



Mummy Money Matters is a financial blog that centres on family life and the finances of the household – but it is taken from the perspective of mums. The blog aims to uncomplicated financial matters and offer insight and guidance, especially to women and mums who have been kept out of the loop of issues surrounding money at home.

Created by financial journalist and broadcaster Kalpana Fitzpatrick, the blog offers a unique insight into all aspects of family finance without jargon. The blog is full of straightforward and independent articles covering maternity benefits, children’s bank accounts, childcare costs and much more.