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5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy For Less in London

Get fit quick without breaking the bank

by Student Money Saver

London is a cool place to live, but it’s expensive and polluted. A healthy lifestyle in the capital demands money, for the right foods and gym subscriptions.

But don’t despair, there are ways to avoid paying out for keeping fit! Trust us, you don’t have to be a rich person to be a healthy one.

We’ll take you through 5 easy steps, which put you on the path to well being in the smoke of the city…

Cheap as chips. Well maybe not chips because they’re unhealthy! We were actually thinking of…

#1 | Cheap exercise venues

Thanks to local authorities and unis, you can have access to affordable, or even free, sports areas. These include football pitches, basketball courts and swimming pools.

For example, if you’re in Southwark, you can take advantage of free swim and gym services at your local sports facility as well as other resources.

swimming with sunglasses

Southwark free swim and gym

Plus, another advantage of living in the capital is that there are Free Fitness Classes across the city.

Here’s the thing. Finding places has never been easier. OpenPlay is a great way of finding both places to exercise and people to work out with in the capital.

And in London, we are blessed with lots of free outdoor gyms equipped with plenty of modern equipment!

So don’t max out your account trying to be cool or fashionable. You can do it all on a meagre budget, with like-minded exercisers who want to keep fit in the metropolis.

Put the pedal to the metal. If you want to travel without moving then how about…

#2 | Affordable exercise equipment

We associate gym equipment with pricey subscriptions and watching people fitter than you work up a sweat. Why bother when you can create your own gym at home?

Second hand sites like Gumtree are your friend, with bargains always on offer. And if machinery isn’t your thing, then how about a simple and cheap skipping rope?

Image taken from livedwithlove.com

You might be wondering: Can you get new stuff for knock down prices? If you don’t like the idea of someone’s used kit, then you can buy things like exercise bikes at a discount.

Whether doing sit ups at home with your feet under the settee, or investing in a rowing machine, you can stay fit and healthy in London for less.

Feeling thirsty? You should be with all that working out, so make sure you…

#3 | Stay hydrated

This is an interesting one. Things like energy drinks are not the cheapest thirst quenchers, so a low cost option is tap water.

However London water isn’t the most tempting of prospects! A great way of getting around any concerns is by getting a water purifier.


Image taken from pixabay

Now, a straightforward jug with a filter can cost as little as £12.99 and will remove any waterborne nasties, as well as ditch that oh-so-yummy chlorine taste!

Staying hydrated is a crucial factor in exercise and replacing the water in your body is a no brainer which everyone should understand.

What about food? Get the right ingredients on the cheap with…

#4 | Extreme couponing for lower cost healthy eating

A lot of us don’t think twice about them, but we ignore coupons at our peril. These little things can bag us some big discounts on healthy eating.

Make sure you study the small print to familiarise yourself with what the coupon applies to, what you’ll get off the product and, most importantly, when it expires.

What’s the bottom line? If the coupon doesn’t expire for a while you can bide your time waiting for the right deal to come along. Read more about couponing here.

Extreme couponing for lower cost healthy eating

Image taken from pixabay

All it takes is a bit of homework and a lot of squinting at terms and conditions. The results are well worth the effort.

You’ve got it in the palm of your hand. Did you know the best way to stay fit and healthy in London is on your smartphone…?

#5 | Fitness & health apps

Want fitness advice from the best in the business? Need to know how many calories to eat in a day? Look no further than your phone and a range of apps! London has some of the worlds best personal trainers, they are expensive but they have online coaching.

These days a lot of the legwork is done for you when it comes to creating an exercise routine, or preparing a weekly meal list.

It gets better. For those who don’t have lots of time, there are apps which focus on short, high intensity workouts to boost your body while saving precious hours.

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout app

And cheap, delicious recipes with the emphasis on health are just a swipe away. There really is something for everyone, no matter what size of wallet.