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5 Festive Tips for a Successful Christmas Job Search

Finding and applying for Christmas jobs

By Craig from Jobulo

Seasonal work can be a perfect option for those that want a flexible short term job that can boost their bank balance in time for the New Year. Across the Christmas and New Year Party season there are a lot of companies that experience a big rise in sales and productivity, so much so that they often rely on temporary staff to fulfil this busy period. From the hotel and leisure industry to courier services there is a bounty of opportunities out there for those that want some temporary work. Here are our top 5 tips to help you capture a new job this Christmas:

#1 Think Local

Chances are that there’s a whole host of Christmas jobs available in your nearest town or city and this is the first place you should be looking on your festive job search. Local pubs, hotels, shops and mail depots all experience a peak in activity throughout December and many of them need extra staff urgently. If there’s a local company you’d like to work for that might be experiencing the festive rush, why not take the initiative and give them a call to ask if there are any job vacancies available? In this internet led age it’s tempting to believe that if you can’t find a job advert online, then the company must not need anyone. However this is simply not true. Some companies haven’t had the time to advertise their vacancies and some fill them before they’ve even been advertised. So don’t be left out in the winter cold – get in touch first, perhaps offer to drop by with your CV?

#2 Research

At this time of year it’s important to remain on the pulse, by regularly researching jobs available in your area you can quickly be aware of the opportunities that are most relevant to you. Searching the internet is of course central to this – make use of all available job boards like Indeed and Reed but also be sure to check out your local Gumtree as many smaller companies advertise their vacancies here. Additionally you should check out your local newspapers as these can reveal opportunities that you might not find on the web.

#3 Act Quickly

The festive and seasonal job markets are amongst the fastest moving of any type of job. In the festive period companies need help quickly and the recruitment process can take as little as a few hours! If you’ve taken a shine to a vacancy you’ve seen then act fast, arrange an interview at the employer’s earliest convenience and be sure to arrive on time. If you show that you’re keen at this stage it can go along way to helping you secure a position.

#4 Networking

This is something that many people do automatically but it’s an area of job searching that should certainly not be over-looked. Think about your contacts and whether anyone you know works in a company that you’d like to work for; do they have any seasonal vacancies? If you let your friends and previous colleagues know you are looking for work you’ll open up an instant hot-line to the latest job opportunities in your network.

#5 Tailor Your CV To The Position

This is an important one; when submitting your CV to any job application you must always remember to tailor it to that specific position. It’s no good applying for a job as a hotel receptionist if you don’t list your previous reception experience within your CV. Think about the job you are applying for and the characteristics required to excel in it, then compare this to your previous work experience and be sure to list on your CV anything you’ve done in previous roles that would set you up to succeed in this new position. Showing your most relevant qualities and experience on your CV is absolutely vital to a successful job application. To read more on this subject, check out our article on adapting your CV to a specific job vacancy.

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Tip: Be professional throughout your application process and your seasonal work. You may be taking on this position to get some quick funds over the holiday period but you never know where it may lead. If you act professionally throughout you will maximise your chances of being considered for future roles and you will also no doubt be invited to come back and work next year!