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5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

Advice to help you find your first real job

By Olivia Webster from Studentjob UK

About to become a member of the working world? Not sure where to begin? Well do not worry, to all you students out there who are job hunting for the first time, StudentJob UK is here to help. We know it can be hard and difficult to know where to start, but there is no need to panic. Here at StudentJob UK, we have come up with 5 top tips for all you first time job hunters. So grab that cup of tea and read ahead for some great advice.

#1 Prepare. Organisation is key!

Before you begin searching for a job you need to make sure you have all the key ingredients. First of all you need proof of identify, this could be a passport or a provisional/driving licence. This is so the employer has proof of you being you. Sounds silly, but it is extremely necessary to have. Secondly, you will need proof that you can work in the UK. This is vital as every employer will ask for it.

Top Tip Alert: If you are struggling to find proof of being able to work in the UK, you can use your national insurance card, this is something you will probably have from when you are 16 years old.

If you can think of any more key ingredients that’s fantastic, however make sure you ask someone at your careers office at school or university, just to double check.

5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

#2 Time to refurbish or start fresh

Dig out that old CV and update it – or even create a new one! By updating your CV, it will allow employers to see all the attributes you have gained. Also, if you have any sort of experience, put it in there! This will allow employers to see you are driven and passionate to start the working life. If you haven’t already made a CV, this is the perfect time to do so. This allows employers to have a first look at who you are and get to know you. This is a chance for you to really show yourself off and stand out from the crowd.

So grab that pile of papers and search through until you find your CV. Or start from scratch and create one yourself.5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

#3 Research and discover

Research is imperative when looking for a job for the first time as it will help you to determine what the best type of jobs for you are. A typical student job role would be working in a bar or as a waiter, even working in retail. However, there are lots of other different part time jobs around at the moment. This may give you the chance to do something new, something you may not have thought of before. In addition you can also try to find a job related to a career you may already be passionate about.

So grab that pen and paper and click the apply button to head to your next adventure.

5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

#4 Plan your outfit

Time to ditch those trendy, everyday outfits and dig out, or even purchase, a number of nice and professional pieces. These can be used when you land that interesting job interview and you want to dress to impress. By dressing professionally you can make a great first impression to your potential employer, which is essential to getting hired.

So we would recommend you pre-plan your outfit the night before, just so you can check yourself out before you have an interview that may change your life.5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

#5 Check, check and check again

The most important tip we can give all you students is to check over and over everything! This is important as any slight mistake, even spelling, can make a huge difference between you being rejected or hired. Plus this will show your employer that you’re very organised and are driven for the job, as you’ve taken the time and effort to make sure everything is perfect.

5 Top Tips for First Time Job Hunters

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