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Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

Useful job hunting tips for students

By Olivia Webster from Studentjob UK

When you’re applying for a student job in London do you find yourself asking the following questions: Where do I start? What type of things should I include in my application? Have I done it correctly? Well you can stop worrying because StudentJob is here to help! We have come up with a number of job hunting tips to help you get through this difficult task and come out the other side smiling. So sit back, relax and take in all these great tips.

#1 Taking care can make everything better

When completing an application form it is very important to take care with the process. This is because it could potentially be the difference between getting an interview and going on to the next stage, or an instant rejection. Completing applications online can make it even more risky, as you need to take care with your spelling and typing errors – an employer may pick up on these and mark you down.

Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

Also, make sure you are consistent with your use of grammar as the person reading it may assume your writing skills are not as a good as you say they are. If the application is in written form, then we would recommend to plan what you want to include first.

When completing the form make sure you are consistent with your font and handwriting style as this may tell an employer you are inconsistent and possibly show you are unreliable as you’re quick to change. Important point, if your pen runs out, make sure you replace it with one of the same colour!

Top Tip Alert: Check your application thoroughly before pressing that submit button – a second look may make all the difference.

#2 Honesty is the best policy

Now I know you may think it’s easy to lie on your application form but honesty really is the best policy. Being accurate and honest when describing your attributes, experiences and educational background can really save you if you get through to the job interview stage. An interview will soon expose you if you are stretching the truth too far, which could then affect your chances of being hired.

Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

#3 Detail is key

Detail is important when completing applications as this is the first chance you have to really show yourself off to the company before they meet you. Therefore, giving them as much detail as possible is important and can really help you when competing with others. So if the form leaves a space for you to write a personal statement or a section for you to tell them why you would like the job, then fill it up. Make sure the text is carefully written as you want to give a good impression. Don’t leave any gaps behind as you may give the employer the impression that you have something to hide!

Top Tip Alert: Blank spaces may also suggest to the employer you are not as interested as you should be, therefore giving a black mark against you. So show them how much you want it!

Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

#4 Be prepared and have a copy

Employers like to catch you out as they may have a number of candidates applying for the same job and they will want to see who the best ones are. This means that they may quiz you on a specific point in your CV or application. Make sure you know what you have written and what is on there so you can be ready for any type of question. This will show them a variety of different skills like thinking on the spot, organisation and many more, without you have to write it down for them to see. So if it’s an online form, before submitting, copy and paste it into a word document so you can always reference back to it.

Top Tip Alert: On the day have a quick read over your copy before the interview, refreshing your memory and getting you ready for any questions they have for you.

Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

#5 Extra spice makes all things nice

When applying for a job, sending your CV and an application form may be what they ask you to do, but why not add something extra to make you stand out from the crowd. Add a covering letter! Take this opportunity to personalise your application and add any details that may not be mentioned in the form. Add any extras, for example what you like most about the company, what makes you different from other people and what you could add to the company specifically.

Top Tip Alert: By adding a cover letter it shows how much effort and time you put into the application process and your dedication to the job role itself.

Top 5 Job Application Tips for Students

So why not take all of these tips on when you’re next applying for a new job, maybe using these can help you get to the next stage in the process or even being hired, who knows. So try it because you don’t know if you don’t try!

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