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5 Unusual Ways to Make Money on the Go

Making the most of your phone obsession

By Julie Cheung from financegirl.co.uk

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We’ve all been that person; the one shuffling down the street with their face stuck in their phone or the one who nearly misses their stop on the train because they’re glued to their tablet. We might as well face it, we’re technology obsessed, but the good news is that this needn’t be something we’re embarrassed of. Instead, we can turn this passion for gadgets into a nice little money making scheme to nicely supplement our regular income. With that said, here are 5 of the most unexpected ways to grab some cash while on the go.

#1 Be an App Tester

Before apps become widely available to the public, most producers want to test them out to make sure that their creations work as smoothly as possible, and in some cases they will even pay people to be their guinea pigs. So, if you like to be on the cusp of any up and coming apps, by using the likes of Usertesting and AppXpert you can be paid in the way of cash through Paypal or gift cards for Amazon or iTunes, all for the privilege of being the first to get your hands on any new releases.

#2 Sell Your Pictures

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to resist the urge to snap a quick pic of everything from your tasty looking meal to any passing dogs you think are cute, then this one is definitely for you. With apps like Foap you can upload your snaps and earn cash every time someone purchases the right to use it. Businesses are always on the lookout for all sorts of images to use in ad campaigns and such like, meaning this can be a great little earner, particularly for any budding amateur photographers out there. So the next time you stop to take a quick picture and catch your friends rolling their eyes and asking why you bother, now you can tell them exactly why.

#3 Watch, Play, Earn!

Swagbucks is already hugely popular in the US and is quickly gaining momentum here in the UK as well. It is a survey site that will pay you for completing small tasks which can entail everything from filling out an online poll to playing a game, and from watching videos to using their search engine instead of google. Rewards include Paypal credits or cash to spend at popular retailers such as Amazon or M&S. Each task pays out a different amount, rewarding those who are willing to take the time to hunt out the best offers.

#4 Share Your Views

If you are a particularly opinionated person and always find yourself with something to say then the good news is that you can finally earn money simply by sharing your views on various different products. Through DooYoo for example, you can bank anything from 10p to 60p every time you leave a short 150 word review. You can then choose to either redeem this as an Amazon voucher once you hit £20 or a cash pay-out once you reach £50. Along a similar vein, there are a plethora of survey sites such as Mysurvey and Toluna that also pay you to simply have your say on all sorts of different topics.

5 Unusual Ways to Make Money on the Go

Earn Money sharing your views

#5 Film Your Day

If you’re internet savvy then you are bound to have heard of the recent surge in popularity for so-called Youtubers – people who make their living entirely by making and uploading videos to YouTube. With top Youtubers earning hundreds of thousands of pounds each year and nabbing all sorts of endorsements in the way of book deals, film roles and product ranges, the possibilities once you reach the top are truly endless. While it may not exactly be easy to hit the dizzy heights of this particular career, once you start raking in enough views for YouTube to invite you to be a partner, you can earn cash per view on your videos and for ads placed alongside them. With many of the site’s top content creators being ‘daily vloggers’, who simply film the ins and outs of their everyday lives, you needn’t have any particular expertise or equipment beyond a camera or smartphone to get started, and can quite literally make money as you go about your day.

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