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5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Student

’99 problems, and motivation ain’t one’

By Michael from Studentjob.co.uk

As a student, I guess you’re quite like Jay-Z in having 99 problems. And with the exam period fast approaching, revision and exam stress will likely occupy most of them. At times like this, motivation can be hard to come by when it is needed the absolute most. We recognise that motivation troubles most students, so we’ve put together 5 tips to help you stay motivated leading up to and through your exams!

1# Get Active!

After you’ve hit the books, and you’re feeling tense and stressed, it’s all too easy to jump into bed. We recommend releasing this tension and stress by getting active. Benefit from all that exercise has to offer, such as improved mood and sleep. Find free sport activities in London.

2# Food, glorious food!

Growing up you must of heard the saying “You are what you eat!”, and it is entirely true. Fuel yourself with good healthy foods to avoid feeling tired and drowsy. A healthy diet will keep you sharp during the times you need your brain the most! Find out how to eat healthily on a budget.

3# The Snooze Button: Friend or Foe?

Avoid hitting the snooze button. Get yourself up and complete your revision in the mornings. That way you’ll have the rest of the day free to do as you please! You snooze, you lose! Check out some tips to beat procrastination.

4# Work smart!

Create a revision plan, set targets and begin well in advance. Your efforts to be organised will pay off tremendously. The more time you have to revise the more time you’ll have to cover the subject in greater detail and identify areas where you’re not so strong! Have a look at some productivity tips.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Student

Studying at the library can help you focus better

5# Positivity breads positivity!

Maintaining a positive attitude can help you keep your focus. Positive thoughts, positive actions, positive outcomes!

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