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Eating Healthily on a Budget

Ways to keep you and your wallet healthy

By Adam Stokes

At one point or another, all of us have probably tried to eat healthily, or at least know someone who has. The biggest problem many people seem to have is that they think it’s either too much effort or too expensive. Well, to those out there who want to start eating better, as well as those who already do, here are our best tips eating healthily on a budget.

#1 Late Night Shopping

If you’ve got the time on your hands, going shopping an hour or two before your supermarket closes can benefit you greatly. All the stock that they would otherwise throw away will be marked down, meaning you can find super savings. Usually found in the reduced section, you can have a good old browse at all the marked down stock and choose what you like. We wouldn’t recommend doing your weekly shops this way, as the produce obviously won’t last as long, and the choice may be minimal – but a cheeky trip every now and then can get you the greens you need without parting with too much cash. Check out our Food Shopping in London category and Tips for Shopping at the Supermarket for more great tips.

Eating Healthily on a Budget


#2 Buy it Frozen

That’s right, frozen food won’t bite. Contrary to what many shoppers may think, buying your veg frozen doesn’t come with any sacrifices. The produce is frozen within hours of being picked, and so retains almost all of its nutrients and freshness. They are much cheaper to buy, and because you can choose exactly how much you want to use, it’s easier to get the portion right and therefore not waste any. Perfect for healthy eating!

Eating Healthily on a Budget

Frozen Vegetables

#3 Cook in Bulk

Making much larger dishes that will last you the week will save you heaps. You can make your food go further by cooking in bulk and then freezing portions for meals later in the week or even a healthy lunch. That way, you make sure there is no waste. Certain foods such as pulses, beans, brown rice and potatoes are great for making soups, casseroles and stews that will keep you and your wallet feeling full.

Eating Healthily on a Budget


#4 Visiting the Best Markets

Healthy eating on a budget can be done much more easily when you know where to go. If you can’t make the late night supermarket trip this week, then head down to the market instead. You’ll often find much more choice, and possibly better prices, too! Local street markets such as the Whitechapel or Lewisham Markets are great for finding produce that you can take home as well as for quick food on the go, as are the Portobello Road and Golborne Road markets. With a range of different foods from cultures all over the world, you can find something cheap and healthy as well as new and exciting! A good tip is to go with a friend so that you can make the most of all the bundles and deals on offer. Go to our Tips for Shopping at Your Local Market for more!

Eating Healthily on a Budget


#5 London’s Best Healthy Café’s

For many of us, finding the time to search for recipes for healthy meals and constructing diet plans seems like just a little too much work. Well, finding cheap healthy meals can be done outside the home too (they won’t be quite as cheap as if you did it yourself, but they may very well be more tasty!) Places like Beatroot and Tibits in Soho and InSpiral Lounge Café in Camden are great little eateries for those looking to indulge in fresh, organic, healthy produce. With great prices on a range of different foods, they can satisfy a number of pallets, including those who are intolerant to wheat and gluten. However, meat eaters beware – there isn’t an animal in sight at any of these establishments!

Eating Healthily on a Budget


Still wondering how to eat healthily? We hope not. With our 5 top tips for getting your greens on a budget – whether you’re on the go or looking to cook up a feast in the kitchen at home – all of the above should satisfy your bellies as well as your bank accounts.

Finally have a look at Forbes’ Top 10 Apps for Healthy Eating to keep all those tips in your pocket!

Apps for Healthy Eating

#1 Substitutions | iPhone, iPad

#2 Fooducate | Android, iPhone

#3 True Food | Android, iPhone, iPad

#4 Harvest App | iPhone

#5 Is That Gluten Free? | iPhone, iPad

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