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The Best Job Search Apps

5 Great job apps you need to know about

Job searching has become a lot more than opening up the wanted section in the newspaper. You need to be constantly connected though the Internet and social media, to stay informed on the market and with the jobs you’re interested in. The smartphone apps and iPhone apps will keep you well connected with your search and keep you informed with notifications of the results of your search. They can help you with resume writing, provide interviewing tips, help you with networking and even your organization skills, so you can get the job you want and deserve.

Therefore, we’ve pulled together the 5 best job apps that you need so you can take your job search on the road with your Android or iPhone. Check below:

Indeed job App

Highlight: The most widely downloaded job search app.

  • Available for iPhone and Android.
  • Simple and fast-loading job search.
  • Create your CV and use it to apply to select jobs.
  • See how many employers viewed your CV.
  • Reminder for jobs that you don’t want to apply yet.
  • Save your favourite jobs.
  • Follow your favourite companies.
  • Newest jobs notification, delivered to your inbox.
Indeed - Best jobsearch apps

Indeed iPhone App

LinkUp job App

Highlight: Features job adds that you may not find in other job boards.

  • Available for iPhone,  iPad and Android.
  • Job listings found only on company websites.
  • Simple (basic and advanced) job search engine.
  • Save your favourite jobs.
  • Job email alerts.
LinkUp job app - Best job search apps

LinkUp job App

Jobrio job App

Highlight: The app aggregates search results from multiple engines (13 at the moment) such as SimplyHired, Indeed, Careerjet, Monster, Linkedin and LinkUp.

  • Available for Android.
  • This is the new version of the classic HireADroid job search app which will not be developed further.
  • Nice design and user friendly interface.
  • Provides the ability to manage search engines lists.
  • History of your searches.
Jobrio job App - Best job search apps

Jobrio job App

Craigslist job App

Highlight: Suitable for freelance jobs or positions in more creative industries.

  • Available for iPhone and Android.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Save your favourite job vacancies.
  • A negative factor is that the database is not updated often and many times you will find that ‘the post has expired”.
Craigslist job App - Best job search apps

Craigslist job App

LinkedIn job App

Highlight: A must have app for any professional who take his/her job search seriously.

  • Available for iPhone and Android.
  • Stay up to date with connections in your network.
  • Follow jobs, companies, recruiters and groups.
  • Save your favourite jobs.
Linkedin job App - Best job search apps

Linkedin job App

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