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No plans for the Christmas days yet?

What about Christmas in London?

Guest post by Ahou Koutchess

Nothing planned for the Christmas days yet? Are you just hoping they go away fast so the pressure of joining in the usually steep festivities is off your chest? Do not feel depressed and most importantly do not let the most joyful celebration of the year put you off your game. There is so much going on for you; fun, nice and most importantly cheap activities and places to enjoy this festive season in London!

First off, if you are that kind of Londoner who misses the peace and quiet of the country, yet you cannot go there, you might just be surprised at how silent London can get on the 25th December. So why not book a tour with London Walks to scavenge the streets you think you know by heart. Tickets cost £9 for adults, £7 for students and kids go free! So for less than a tenner you will have the chance to see London through Charles Dickens or Samuel Pepys’s eyes; your choice. Find out what each loved about this historic city.


On the other hand, if you are less interested in history or just have wished to go to the Winter Wonderland  in Hyde Park ever since it opened this year, then now is your chance! As the city is getting rid of most of its inhabitants for Christmas, those who are staying will find that the city somehow belongs to them because everywhere is less crowded. This is very true for the big ice rink in the centre of Hyde Park. No more slow motion dancing so you don’t hit someone! Entrance is free but do expect to pay for different activities and in case you get hungry.


Finally, who doesn’t like to shop great items for small prices? On the 26th December, as many people already get their presents, shops start their annual after Christmas sale which is worth going to especially if you have been hoping to get that one expensive present that no one got you. All the famous department stores are open so keep an eye out for great bargains as prices can drop up to 60% in Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols! And why not go to a lovely pub such as The Flask in Hampstead where the atmosphere is warm and cosy, after you are done?