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Best Photo Editing Services in London

Various options to choose from

Guest Post by Annie Lancaster

Are you making a photo album for your family and friends? Or perhaps you are creating an amazing portfolio for yourself? And you want your photos to look professional and capture your true essence, right? Well, to take high-quality pictures, you either need to be an experienced photographer with decent equipment or master the art of post-processing. Even if you are just a beginner and your pictures look blurry or overexposed, the best photo editing services will help you hide all the imperfections and turn amateur photos into marvelous photographs.

So where do you begin? You have several options here: two professional studios in London that will bring some quality to your images, as well as an online tool and a PC program to do it yourself.

Rely on Professionals and Try Digital Touch

What Is It?

Digital Touch is a well-known photo retouching service with great ratings and thousands of satisfied customers. They handle both business and personal requests to improve the overall quality of images as well as any other photo editing demands.

What Do They Offer?

Digital Touch can deliver any possible photo editing requests. Regardless of the purpose of your inquiry, the team of professionals will realiσe your vision and bring it to life. Do you want to retouch your wedding or birthday party photos and make them look impeccable? This great studio will use every tool in the book to make your personal photos look their best. Or maybe you are an owner of small business and want to spice up the images on the company website and brochures? Digital Touch deals with such requests every day, so use their expertise and make your website look great.

Contact Information & Pricing

The price range will surprise – the services are more than affordable! And the price-quality ratio is uncanny: highly qualified graphic designers will work on your photos and turn them into gold for the price of freelancers.

Address: Cotton Court Business Centre, Floor 2, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR1 3BY,
Tel: (44) 01772 507 724

Or Bet on Experts at Headshot London

What Is It?

Headshot London is a highly recommended photo editing studio where a team of accomplished professional photographers works together to fulfill any photographic request. While they mostly specialise in portrait photography, they also offer other services.

What Do They Offer?

Next to professional LinkedIn and PR headshots, this photo editing service in London offers enhancements in the event and interior photoshoots, black and white images as well as advertising and business photos. Whether you need a simple skin retouching or green screen background magic, this studio will deliver the best service.

Contact Information & Pricing

Prices start at only £45 per hour of work for most editing services.

Address: 107 Clifton Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4LG
Tel: (44) 020 3289 9054

Save Up Some Money and Do It Yourself

If you are keen to give editing a try and have a tight budget, check out the following tools. Even if you are a beginner and have no prior knowledge of graphic design and photo editing, you will be surprised how easy it is, to master modern programs.


What Is It?

PhotoWorks is an automatic photo editor for both professional graphic designers and amateurs. It’s easy to grasp, due to its intuitive interface and built-in tutorials and it can be a perfect stepping stone to learn graphic design.

What Does It Offer?

The program contains myriads of editing tools to create a professional-looking image. You can remove red eyes in one click, smooth out skin blemishes, adjust color tones, and change the background easily and effortlessly. Tons of quick-fix solutions will help you get rid of face shine, reduce noise, and apply Instagram-like filters.


The pricing starts from £11.90 for a standard version and goes up to £24.50 for a deluxe one.


What Is It?

Canva is an online photo editing tool that will help you with some basic photo retouches.

What Does It Offer?

Canva contains a set of basic editing features: cropping, contrast and brightness adjustment, captions, filters and clipart. It’s perfect for quick and simple retouches, however, if you need a professional photo editing service, you should consider a different approach.


The standard version is free of charge, and for a Pro version, you will be charged a monthly fee of £8.99.

Nowadays, you have a lot of ways to get a professional photo done – they vary by price and quality. So, depending on your goals, choose an approach that suits you the best, and create an amazing portfolio, modern-looking web page, or great photo album. You decide whether you want to trust the professionals or acquire a new skill and learn the basics of graphic design by yourself.