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London Student: How to Live Frugally But Feel Successful

Tips and Tricks that can come in handy

Guest post by Samantha Jones

Living a frugal life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to avoid a good life due to the costs involved. Having a frugal lifestyle allows you to live a cost-effective life and reduce the need for excessive spending. As a student, this is a necessary approach that can improve your success and assist you in maintaining your budget.

When you are a student attempting to live a frugal life, you always have to spend your time on important and necessary things. One way you can choose is using online tools that handle some of your tasks, such as assignment writing by If you use an online service in the UK that handles your assignment writing, you get the chances to pay more attention to the other crucial things.

Sometimes, living frugally can be a difficult thing to do for many students. If you want to know how to live frugally but well, then this article will help you with understanding some of the best ways to do that.

Below, you will find some tips that can come in handy in your quest for a not luxurious but successful student lifestyle.

1. Avoid Partying Too Much

It is a good idea to spend money on having fun. However, overspending should never be an option. One of the factors that can lead to it is partying too much.

By partying every once in a while, you can easily save money and use them for something of more importance.

2. Track and Record Your Finances

Your finances should always be tracked to keep you updated and conscious of how you should be spending. Several finance tools can do this for you. However, when you keep tracking  your finances, it is crucial to allocate them towards spending options that have the highest priority.

3. Get a Job

Getting a job is another step you can take to secure a frugal lifestyle. By working, you can replace whatever money you spend, and also have more to use for other important things. There are many student jobs you can take in London that will help you raise money to live the kind of a lifestyle you want.

  • Look For Student Discounts
  • Opt-in For Used Options

Living smart means living well. To reduce the cost of spending, you can opt-in for the purchase of used items. Buying fairly used items allows you to spend less, as almost everything becomes cheaper when it is not new.

4. Get Experts to Handle Some of Your School Tasks

As mentioned earlier, you can buy paper or get experts to handle your school assignments while you work on other crucial tasks is a great way to improve your success while living frugally. These experts can help you write your UK essay paper.

5. Go on Free Tours and Special Trips

Several museums in London give you free tours of their amazing art. Some of these free tours provide the same experience as those of paid ones. A few museums you can visit include the Royal Academy of Art, British Museum, National Gallery, and many others.


Living your life in such a great city as London while a student is something that can be done in several smart ways. The guide above offers some of the top tips to assist you in living a frugal lifestyle while still delivering the feeling of success to you. Good luck!