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Charity Jobs – The Ideal Career Path for Students

Everything you need to know about charity jobs

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As a student or recent graduate it can be hard to find work. With sometimes hundreds of people applying for the same role, standing out from the crowd can be tough. Most employers are looking for work experience or certain skills, which if you’re currently or have recently been in full time education you may not yet have had the opportunity to earn.

An ideal career path for students to consider is one in the non profit charity sector. With charities always looking for enthusiastic, energetic people to join their team, there will be a career opportunity to suit almost anyone.

How charity jobs help in reinforcing your professional profile?

Gaining relevant experience and skills

Charity work offers students with an ideal platform to gain a range of skills and experience. There are plenty of career opportunities within charity organisations if you decide it is right for you.

Whether you decide to create a career from charity work, or simply gain experience to help you in other areas of work life, charity work provides an ideal choice. With a wide range of job roles, there is something to suit every interest. One of the main benefits of choosing to work for a charity is the variety of work you can do. Every day can present a new challenge. This means that the amount of new skills you can learn are greatly increased. Potential employers are always looking for candidates who can show they have a variety of experience and skills and can also adapt to a range of situations. Job roles can include fundraising, media roles and digital design. There really is something for everyone.

What skills you gain while practicing a charity job?

The benefits of working for a charitable organisation- skills you can gain

Working for a charity provides you with experience working and interacting with many different people.

Charity Jobs – The Ideal Career Path for Students

Getting a graduate charity job

Students, after college and/or university, often take a gap year or at least take time out to travel. Working in an environment such as a charity is an extension on the essential skills most learn from foreign travel in that you have to be adaptable and mix with a range of different people and different cultures.

No matter what role you have you will be required to work within a team to produce the best results. Being capable to work effectively with other people is still highly regarded by employers and incredibly useful in all aspects of life. Charity work often includes communicating with people with a wide range of ages and backgrounds, which gives you the opportunity to learn how to adapt to dealing with different people.

Working within a charitable organisation, time management is very important. Meeting deadlines for projects and hitting targets will give you plenty of practice to be able to implement these skills later in your chosen career. Having experience in these areas will show a future employer that you are someone who can be relied upon to get the job done.

As charities often have many people working for them, you may find yourself given the chance to manage people under you. Learning leadership skills in a relaxed environment means you will have the chance to adapt your own style and techniques. You may be asked to be a project lead or manage a group of face to face fundraisers but the skills you will learn in these roles will be invaluable in your future career. You will learn how to effectively lead a team of co-workers to ensure you produce the highest results.

So if you are a student who is unsure of exactly what career path to take, charity work could be perfect for you. Offering an opportunity to work in a variety of different roles could help you to determine what career path you really want to follow. Flow Cartias is one such recruitment agency that specialises in the field of keeping you updated about the charity jobs opportunities.

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