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Cheap Christmas Ice Skating In London

Get your skates on… Christmas is just around the corner!

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

Though for a lot of us Londoners, it must feel as though it is already upon us. With the igloos that appeared on the Thames last week, some of London’s Christmas lights already switched on as well as the Christmas markets, which are soon to be unveiled. Well, there’s nothing more festive than ice skating, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to check out this winter. And don’t worry about the price either, the one we’ve included in the title is the maximum price for adults at peak times but there are lots of ways to make the price cheaper!

Westfield Ice Rink | Shepherd’s Bush | £14

IceSkating London

Westfield Ice Rink ©

What is it?: Ice skating in one of London’s biggest shopping centres, which is this year sponsored by Coach. Totally indoor (so need to worry about the weather) take in the sparkly lights and relax after skating in one of the centre’s many restaurants. Djs will also be on hand to provide music whilst you skate. More info here.

How much is it?: Adults: Peak – £14, Off-Peak – £10.50; Children: £8.50; Students: Peak – £11.50, Off-Peak – £9.50.

Where is it?: Ariel Way, Shepherds Bush, W12 7GF.

When is it?: 24th November 2016-8th January 2017 (Monday-Saturdays: 10am-9pm; Sundays and Christmas Eve: 10am-6pm).

Natural History Museum | Kensington | £15.95

natural history museum ice rink

Natural History Museum Ice Rink ©

What is it?: Skate outside of one one London’s most iconic museums, which will be lit up especially for the festive season. For any non-skaters out there, there is also a raised-level bar serving a variety of hot and cold drinks and food, that you can enjoy whilst overlooking the rink.

How much is it?: Adults: from £12.65; Children: from £8.80; Parent and toddlers: from £5.50; Students: £9 (ticket includes a drink).

Where is it?: Cromwell Rd, Kensington, SW7 5BD.

When is it?: 27th October 2016-8th January 2017. (Opening times vary).

Winter Wonderland | Hyde Park | £14.50

Ice Skating London

Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland ©

What is it?: Celebrating ten years in 2016, Winter Wonderland is a favourite amongst Christmas-lovers in London. Their iconic ice rink, which circles the bandstand, is the perfect place to skate this festive season. It is also the largest ice rink in the UK, so no chance of over-crowding!

How much is it?: Adults: Off-peak – £9.50/Standard – £14.50/Peak – £15.50; Children: £7.50/£9.50/£10.50; Students: £8:50/£13.50/£14.50.

Where is it?: Hyde Park, W2 2UH.

When is it?: 18th November 2016-2nd January 2017 (10am-10pm).

SKATE at Somerset House | Covent Garden | £12.50

Ice SKating London

SKATE at Somerset House ©

What is it?: Day or night, there is always something to enjoy at the Somerset House ice rink, SKATE. During the day, there’s a kid’s skate club, whilst during the night, club DJs will be getting on the decks to provide tunes for the evening skate.

How much is it?: Adults: from £8.90; Children: from £8.90; Students: £8.50.

Where is it?: Strand, WC2R 1LA.

When is it?: 17th November 2016-15th January 2017 (Opening times vary).

Broadgate Ice Rink | Liverpool Street | £13.50


Broadgate Ice Rink ©

What is it?: Set in the heart of the city, this ice rink is the perfect place to enjoy skating in the centre of London. Open until the very end of winter, this ice rink is not just for Christmas… they will be hosting events, right up until February.

How much is it?: Adults: £13.50; Children: £9.50; Concessions: £11.

Where is it?: Exchange Square, EC2A 2BQ.

When is it?: 14th November 2016-2nd February 2017. (Opening times vary).

Tower of London Ice Rink | Aldgate | £13.50

Ice RInks Lonodn

Tower of London Ice Rink ©

What is it?: Skate around at one of London’s greatest historic monuments, either taking in the scenery during the day, or with the wonderful, festive lighting during the night. As well as the rink, there’s a pop-up Eis Haus, an ice bar that’s perfect for taking the edge off after a hard evening’s skate.

How much is it?: Adult: from £12.15; Children: from £8.55; Concessions: from £10.35.

Where is it?: St Katharine’s & Wapping, EC3N 4AB.

When is it?: 16th November 2016-13th January 2017. (Opening times vary).

Canary Wharf Ice Rink | Canary Wharf | £16.90


Canary Wharf Ice Rink ©

What is it?: Skate surrounded by the sky scrapers that make up London’s financial district. The rink is covered by a transparent roof, providing access to the surrounding views, without you having to worry about the weather. Modeled around the theme of “Luminocity” there are over 8km of LED lights, lighting up the rink in a huge variety of different colours.

How much is it?: Adult: Off-peak – £14.50/Peak – £16.95; Children: £10.50/£10.95; Students: £13.95; Early Bird: first session of the day – £9.95.

Where is it?: Canada Square Park, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB.

When is it?: 4th November 2016 – 25th February 2017 (10am-10pm).

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