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Tips for Finding Seasonal Student Work in London

‘Tis the season for seasonal hiring!

By Sophie-Anne Bradley, from

Seasonal jobs are a great way for students to earn some extra cash and get some experience over the Christmas break. Many companies will have already started advertising jobs for temporary roles and this article will provide you with tips for finding seasonal work, the types of jobs that are available to you and the benefits a seasonal job can bring you.

Benefits of a seasonal job

#1 | Make connections

If you are able to secure a job over the Christmas period you will be able to make valuable connections which will be useful to you in the future. If you perform well in your temporary job and show that you are committed to the job your employer might ask you return. This might be particularly important to you if you are going to complete a placement year as a part of your university course, keep hold of your managers number!

#2 | Flexible working hours

As many organisations hire a large number of seasonal staff, the hours that you can work will usually be quite flexible. But some jobs may require you to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and over New Year it is important that you request these off early as many other employees may wish to do the same.

#3 | Enhance your CV

A seasonal job will help you to develop your skills and will enable you to pad out your CV with your work experience. Your temporary job will allow you to improve your customer service, teamwork, time keeping and organisational skills which will prove helpful to you once you start a full time position.

#4 | Extra income

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for many, so a temporary job over the festive period will help you to have some extra cash in your pocket!

Finding student seasonal work in London

#1 | Be flexible

Ideally you’d want to be spending your time with friends and family over the festive period, however it is important that you can keep an open schedule and show the employers that you are eager to work. The more flexibility you are able to offer the employer the more attractive you will become.

#2 | Get into the holiday spirit

Remain positive throughout your job search, it can be tough at times especially if you are struggling to find the job you are after but keep optimistic because there is a job out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous experience as within a Christmas role it is often personality that will help you get the job. 

#3 | Perfect your CV & Cover Letter

Make sure that you have an up to date CV and Cover Letter explaining why you are right for the role and the dates you are available for. It might also be helpful to you to create different versions of your CV and Cover Letter, for example some that are suitable for hospitality roles and some for sales roles, depending on the type of job you are looking for.

#4 | Start your search today

The sooner you start your search the better your chances of finding a job will be, as it can often be very competitive finding a seasonal job. Thousands of employers will have already started advertising their vacancies for the Christmas period so make sure your CV is up to date and start applying now!

#5 | Approach the company

Larger companies will have online application processes because of the quantity of candidate’s applications that they receive but there is nothing stopping you from going to high street and handing your CV to local businesses. Being proactive will show the employer that you are motivated to find work and thus will be motivated within your role. 

Types of seasonal jobs available

  • Sales Assistant – With it being the festive season people will be busy buying all of their Christmas gifts and there is a lot more strain on businesses. Many shops will therefore be looking for temporary workers to help them cope with the extra demand around Christmas.
finding seasonal student work in London

Covent Garden Christmas market – pic taken from

  • Hospitality Roles – Seasonal roles in hospitality include front or back of house roles and plenty of businesses will be looking for temporary staff to help them during this busy period. Sometimes previous experience is required for these roles, however if you show that you are eager to learn and have strong customer service skills this will take you far.
  • Delivery – With all the gifts and cards being delivered over this festive season big companies such as Royal Mail and Hermes will require extra delivery staff. These roles often require you to have a full drivers licence. Find out how to become a Deliveroo rider here.
  • Warehouse – Organisations such as Argos and John Lewis who have large warehouses will require help to cope with the demand over the Christmas period. These jobs often don’t require much experience but will be excellent for improving team work skills and efficiency.
  • Characters or Entertainers – Many large department stores or retail outlets hire seasonal characters and entertainers to help increase sales. Entertaining jobs often require you to have high levels of energy and be good with children.
  • Volunteering – There are many people at Christmas that need help, check out your local hospice or charity shops that could need some extra help this festive season.

Whether you are a student looking to earn some extra cash, gain some experience or are looking to make use of your spare time, a Christmas job may be for you! So get your CVs at the ready and start applying today!

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