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Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK

5 destinations you can reach for less than £30

By Adam Stokes

With summer being just a little too far away to be getting excited about holidays yet, you might be considering Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK first. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 great cities and towns you can visit in the UK, all of which you can reach for less than £30. We’ve spanned the whole of England, and tried to include a little something for everyone. From coastal beaches, to small historic cities and larger bustling metropolises, hopefully there’s something here for all you Londoners out there!

All travel prices are through National Express, but if you’re not a fan of coaches, then check out GoEuro – they average the price and distance to your destination through a range of different transport methods. Our Travelling Cheaply Across the UK article might also help, too! Scroll down to begin…

#5 Whitby

Okay, so Whitby might not exactly be a day trip kind of destination, but if you’re up for a decent road trip, it’s four and a half hours well spent! Especially once you pull in. It’s also the only destination on our list where we recommend you drive, that’s unless you’d like to spend around 9 hours on public transport… and with crazy golf, amusements, beaches and pubs and galore, it’s everything you could ask for in a seaside getaway. Oh, and it also happens to do the best fish and chips in the UK!

Must: Visit the Dracula Experience!
Travel: £14.55 per person, based on 5 people in an average sized car.
Accommodation: Starting from £30 a night.

Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK


#4 Blackpool

We’re swapping coast lines and counties for our next weekend break. Blackpool in Lancashire may be one of the most common seaside resorts in the UK, and for good reason. With Pleasure Beach theme park sat directly opposite the sea and the sand, it proves extremely popular among all who visit. We’d recommend going some time after April – as it can get pretty chilly! – but once you’re there, you’ll soon be experiencing all the fun Blackpool has to offer.

Must: Climb to the top of the Blackpool Tower.
Travel: From £27.20 through National Express.
Accommodation: Starting from £13 a night.

Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK

#3 Chester

Many people associate UK holidays with getting some sand in their toes and the wind in their hair, but short breaks don’t have to involve the sea. In fact, some of the most scenic views in Britain come from the many cities dotted throughout the UK, and Chester is no different. It has the charm, sophistication and size of a large town, but with the addition of a Cathedral, is officially a city. You’ll find the cobbled streets and black and white Tudor buildings will tickle your thirst for culture, so make sure you’re there long enough to absorb it all!

Must: Walk the entirety of the Chester Walls.
Travel: From £16.40 through National Express.
Accommodation: Starting from £34.

Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK

#2 Manchester

If you’re looking for something a little busier, then Manchester is a perfect city break. With more shopping centres, food courts and restaurants than any one man, or woman, needs – you really are spoilt for choice. The food scene is awesome, with the choice of Mexican, Italian, Chinese, American, Indian and more all within one shopping centre alone, and that’s before you hit the high street! If once you’re all stuffed and shopped out you fancy getting a bit of culture, too, then you’ve got a fair few museums to choose from. War, Science, Football? They’ve got it all.

Must: Visit Old Trafford. Football fan or not, it’s pretty impressive.
Travel: From £11.98 through National Express.
Accommodation: Starting from £25.

Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK


#1 Birmingham

If you want a cheap weekend break that’s not too far from London, but still has a lot to offer, then why not head the England’s second city. Birmingham is a diverse and populated city that can bring you the familiarity of good old London, while still being totally different (let’s face it, there’s no-where quite like the capital!) With shopping centres and entertainment venues in the city centre side by side with picturesque canals, you can decide whether you want to go shopping, eating, or even boating! (yes, slap bang in the middle of the country).

Must: Try their proudest creation. The Birmingham Balti.
Travel: From £9.00 through National Express.
Accommodation: starting from £22.

Cheap Weekend Getaways in the UK


So there you have it. Holidays in the UK can vary depending on what you’re interested in, where you want to go and how much you want to spend. From romantic breaks and luxury weekend breaks to quick and easy getaway deals, you can be sure that there’s something out there for you.

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