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Fancy a Dinner Date in London?

With Valentines fast approaching take a look at the cheapest and most expensive places to dine for two in the capital.

By Gina Hutchings (Sponsored Post)

It’s that time of year again when the restaurants are stuffed to the brim with tables for two, the supermarkets stock heart shaped chocolates and every garage sells out of flowers. It’s Valentines!

It is estimated that we share over 150 million valentine’s cards every February worldwide making it the second most popular national day after Christmas. The oldest valentines greeting recorded comes from Charles, Duke or Orleans to his wife in 1415! You can see the poem in the British Library in London still today.

With the rise in popularity of Valentine ’s Day it’s no surprise that this time of year proves popular for restaurant owners. London itself has over 19,000 restaurants with a huge variety of cuisine so there is no excuse this year that you couldn’t get a table!

Cheapest vs Most Expensive Diner in London

Morgan Pryce, office rental agents for Mayfair, have compiled a map with the cost of the average meal for two with drinks in the most popular tube stops in central London. As well as looking at the most expensive and cheapest areas to take a girl on a date they also looked into the most popular cuisine. The result is this great map of central London showing you where you can get a posh French meal for two at a reasonable price.

Cheapest vs Most Expensive Dinner in London

The most expensive areas to eat dinner are in central London with the likes of Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Bond Street serving bills to the till ring of £100! In fact the most expensive soup ever sold comes from Mayfair’s very own Kai Japanese restaurant at £108 a bowl.

Fancy a Dinner Date in London?

The Dorcester is the most expensive place go dine with the average bill per person coming to £202, suggesting it might be more romantic to share your meal and half the price.

On the other end of the scale is Finsbury Park, where you can get a tasty and hearty Moussaka for two for just £33. The tube stop is a popular place for the taste of the Mediterranean with lots of Greek restaurants opening their doors. Second to Finsbury Park is Finchley Road where a traditional African meal for two will fill your belly for under £40.

The tube map below shows the location of the tube stop with the most popular cuisine and average price. The data has been taken by listing the types of cuisine in each location on offer and seeing which is the most abundant. The map is great if you are on a budget and like a certain type of food like British, Asian or French.

Fancy a Dinner Date in London?

Whatever you do for valentines whether you choose to eat out or at home enjoy the day and continue the 600 year tradition.

Author Bio:

Gina Hutchings (@Hutchings_Gina) is a journalist and blogger from London. She is fascinated by the London underground and all things tube related!