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4 Ways You Can Beat the Tube Strike

4 tips to knock them out

We love the London Tube, we really do. Like the city itself, the tube network is full of history, with its secret tunnels leading to long-forgotten closed stations and hidden mysteries. Certainly, anyone who has ever tried getting around London will appreciate the efficiency of the underground. Our schedules for work or meeting with friends are based on the assumption that a train will get us there on time.

This is why so many people are shocked when a tube strike is announced. What are we supposed to do? Squeeze into buses that were crowded two stops and fifteen people ago? Surely there’s no way you could benefit from such an inconvenience … or is there?

We’ll show you how you can make the most out of any tube strike, and even get something out of it. For instance, you can get…


Remember those resolutions you made a month ago? We bet that at least one of them had to do with health and fitness. It’s not too late to get started – and the tube strike gives you the perfect opportunity. Sure, the central line isn’t running, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Walk, run, skate or bike. Forget the commute and you start your day feeling good about yourself. If you manage to make it a habit, that’s one of your resolutions taken care of! Find out all you need to know about cycling in London.

Beat the Tube Strike and get fit

…a More Productive Team

Change can boost creativity. Whether it’s a new team member, an office redecoration, or a change in surroundings – you’ll notice the influx of fresh ideas immediately. Make use of this during the strike. You and your co-workers may have a hard time getting to work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet in a community café. Research has shown that background noise like in a café can increase levels of creativity even further. Instead of losing valuable working hours, use the strike to change up your environment and gain a fresh perspective.

…to Know New People

If you’re reading this and concerned about the tube strikes, chances are that you don’t drive a car regularly. This week, however, a car may be a great option. This is the right time to look into Car Sharing. It’ll be faster and more convenient than making your trip on the bus, and it’s a great way to meet new people. If you find a good match, keep in touch with them for the next weeks’ strikes.

…a Home Office

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home spontaneously, this is the perfect time to introduce your boss to an online meeting solution like Skype, or Mikogo. Your boss should be easy to convince: there is a free trial account, getting started takes just a couple of minutes, you won’t miss any meetings, and you’ll be at least as productive as you would be in the office. You in turn can completely avoid the commute and finish work at home – nice. And next time you want to work from home, you’ll already have a system in place.

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