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Finding a Payroll Job in London

“Money makes the world go round.”

This famous line from Cabaret is certainly true in the world of payroll, with payroll departments given the responsibility of ensuring that employees of a business are paid correctly and on time. In addition to making sure that workers receive the money they are entitled to, there are also a number of legal and tax concerns which must be managed correctly.

There are a great deal of roles within a payroll department, depending on the skills and experience you possess. These range from a frontline payroll accountant to an international payroll manager, responsible for employees across a number of countries. Whether you are an experienced payroll expert or looking for your first position in this field, there are a number of helpful hints and tips which can help you find your ideal payroll job in London.

Finding a Payroll Job in London

Dealing with payments

London is home to countless companies and businesses, with the vast majority of these having at least some form of payroll department. This means there are numerous superb payroll jobs to be found in London, the key question is how to make yourself stand out and secure yourself a rewarding payroll position. Here are our top tips on how to make yourself a payroll superstar:

#1 Contacts and networking

It is a frustrating fact of life that sometimes all the experience in the world is no substitute for knowing the right people in the right places. The more contacts you have the better, and you should seek to increase your contact base as soon as possible. Printing business cards with your contact details on is a handy way to interact with new people, keeping you in their mind and giving them an easy way to reach you if a role comes up. Social networking is also an ideal way to make your presence known and use your contacts in a positive fashion.


While contacts are extremely useful, it is extremely unlikely that you will walk in off the street to your dream payroll job. Any relevant experience you have gained will be extremely beneficial and should make up the main focus of your CV (find here our CV tips). However, many of the skills within payroll can also be found within non-related positions. Excellent numerical skills are a key part of any payroll job, while the use of software such as Microsoft Excel is also highly advantageous. If you do not have experience of a payroll job, show how your past can still be relevant and you have been preparing to be a payroll professional all your life.

#3 Interview techniques

Managing to secure yourself a job interview is only half of the battle, now comes the most important stage of your search for a payroll job. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever questions may be thrown your way, with answers prepared and examples on hand to answer queries on your experience and relevance for the role. Making a good first impression is essential, so make sure you dig out your nicest suit, check that you don’t have anything stuck between your teeth and give a confident handshake. The smallest details can have a huge influence on the success of your interview, so don’t leave anything to chance. You know that you’ll be perfect for this role, all you need to do now is prove it. Find all our tips and tricks to make that interviewer jump out of his seat to shake your hand!

#4 Passion

If at first you don’t succeed, it can be easy to give up hope of ever finding your ideal payroll job. London is a huge place, and the perfect job is waiting for you. In the words of the great philosophers that are Chumbawamba – “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.” The definition of success is getting up once more than you get knocked down, and by showing your passion and drive to succeed, your own happy ending will be just round the corner.

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