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Free Film Screenings in London June 2015

She listens like spring and she talks like June

By Afro (follow her on Twitter: @graphiclondoner)

London loves June! From Swedish midsummer celebrations to the summer solstice on the 21st, it’s really hard to make up any excuses and stay indoors this month. What’s more, there are some awesome film screenings happening in the city – all for free!

Summer favourite Floating Cinema is kicking off this month with a series of screenings on a boat that will travel you through canals around London. Check out their schedule and book your ticket before it sells out! BP Big Screens are also back in June with an outdoors screening of Puccini’s best-loved opera ‘La Boheme’ in Trafalgar Square.

Free Films in London June 2015

Floating Cinema – Photo Credit : Hydar Dewachi – Pic taken from:

PS As per the usual, click on the titles for more information on venues and times. Most of the films have a free entrance (check brackets when it’s not the case) but for some of them you will need to book your place in advance so hurry up!

Free Film Screenings in London June 2015

BST Hyde Park Film Festival

Free Film Screenings in London June 2015

Whiplash – Pic taken from

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