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Free Home Education Resources in the UK

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Best online platform for studying at home

Guest post by Jeff Blaylock

Many people in the UK prefer homeschooling for their kids, as they see it as a decent alternative to traditional school. You will be surprised that the majority of people do not even realize that British online homeschooling is absolutely legal. In fact, it may be even more cost-effective and cheaper than school education. Parents often notice that the results of homeschooling are much better than school education since their children are being encouraged and motivated more. At the same time, homeschooling has more opportunities to meet students’ individual needs and resolve hidden academic gaps. It is easy to access, and it does not require many efforts from students and their parents. Furthermore, homeschooling comes naturally with digital transformation and technological development.

Moreover, there are many homeschooling resources UKoffered for free or at affordable prices that are available for everyone who decides to try online learning. The main thing is to find credible websites that have earned a reputation of being an excellent learning platform for all in need. Several schools have even presented their own database of homeschooling resources, but many of them can still be found online. For example, you can google whatever discipline you need, and you will be offered a variety of textbooks and learning programs that fit online and home-based education. In addition, you may even find resources that can guide homeschooling students on how to get a thesis help or complete a math assignment. It helps in preparing future college or university students to excel in different types of papers while doing their degrees.

Here are the best online learning sites that serve as homeschooling resources for UK kids:

1. EdPlace

The platform offers 1 month of the trial period for just 1 pound with a possibility to extend your subscription to one year for 99 pounds. This website provides materials for KSI to KS4 learning.

2. IXL

This website is a perfect opportunity to learn Math and English in a funny and interesting way for students up to 13 years of age. The price is just 9 pounds per month, but your kids gain access to a wonderful world of learning through games.

3. Twinkl

Twinkl is probably the most advertised and definitely thebest learning platform. It has everything kinds may need for all ages up to KS4. You can plan the curriculum and set learning hours to keep kids busy and interested.

4. InterHigh

It is an innovative approach to formal education since it is the first completely independent online secondary school and college. It provides traditional education through innovative channels and at lower costs.

5. BBC Bitesize

BBC could not stay away from the newest trend and created a resource allowing kids to study based on interesting videos and helpful articles. The main advantage of this service is its zero fees.

6. TES

Some lectures and materials can be used for free, but TES has the largest collection of learning materials. Each lecture or resource can be purchased individually.

7. Teachers Pay Teachers

This website has a wide variety of resources available for free. However, in order to get access to the most exclusive ones, you may need to pay for the subscription.

8. Learning Resources Science Museum

This resource represents a collection of resources from museums which include videos, activities, and games. It is designed to draw attention to the museums and sciences. This website serves for KSI – KS4 and works for free.

9. Education Quizzes

GCSE educational quizzes are designed to help students with different areas of the curriculum. You get a three-month trial and then can proceed with the 8-pound subscription.

10. Exemplar Education

This resource serves to improve knowledge of Math and English providing access to an online tutor or phone.
​With more and more attention being given to online courses and professional training, the UK may soon be heading towards an era of online education and homeschooling. Online homeschool education has the potential of developing into an independent industry which will have nothing in common with the traditional one except for learning. It has been nourished by technological development and can potentially change the way education is obtained. Children prefer an interactive way of getting knowledge, while their parents see measurable results and advancement in their skills. Needless to say, money factor is another important force that drives education towards online learning for kids.

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